CdR: Sevilla – Real Madrid

It’s a complicated time for Real Madrid to visit the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán for this midweek return leg in the Copa del Rey. They won 3-0 at the Bernabéu last week and are riding a run of great form. On the line today is the chance to break Barcelona’s record unbeaten streak of 39, so Zidane’s side will certainly be motivated but will also have in mind that their La Liga fixture in Seville looms next and that a certain team (us) is within range (4 pts) of making La Liga very interesting very soon (Sunday).

It’s also a conflicted time for Sevilla to host Real Madrid. Any time they come to town you want to kick the shit out of them, but this particular opportunity for shit kicking poses several layers of complication. Keeping them from their 40-match unbeaten record would be some sweet spoiler fun for us, but as Jeremy put it to me this week, “I would lose that 100-0 if we could beat them 1-0 in La Liga.” The chance to pull within one point of Madrid this weekend will surely affect the way Sampaoli approaches this match. If we have a strong first half today with a goal or two, I’m sure we will go all in for the second half. On the other hand, if Madrid get an away goal or the first 45′ yields less than the spark of a chance to win the tie, I expect we’ll make some telling subs at halftime that may sacrifice this particular battle to have a better shot in the war.

Of course, anything can happen at the RSP, but Madrid will be difficult to break down. I believe we have a team that can compete in all competitions, but I don’t think any of us would hesitate to leave the Copa behind if forced to choose between the three.

Let’s fucking VAMOS!!!