CdR: Sevilla – Real Madrid

It’s a complicated time for Real Madrid to visit the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán for this midweek return leg in the Copa del Rey. They won 3-0 at the Bernabéu last week and are riding a run of great form. On the line today is the chance to break Barcelona’s record unbeaten streak of 39, so Zidane’s side will certainly be motivated but will also have in mind that their La Liga fixture in Seville looms next and that a certain team (us) is within range (4 pts) of making La Liga very interesting very soon (Sunday).

It’s also a conflicted time for Sevilla to host Real Madrid. Any time they come to town you want to kick the shit out of them, but this particular opportunity for shit kicking poses several layers of complication. Keeping them from their 40-match unbeaten record would be some sweet spoiler fun for us, but as Jeremy put it to me this week, “I would lose that 100-0 if we could beat them 1-0 in La Liga.” The chance to pull within one point of Madrid this weekend will surely affect the way Sampaoli approaches this match. If we have a strong first half today with a goal or two, I’m sure we will go all in for the second half. On the other hand, if Madrid get an away goal or the first 45′ yields less than the spark of a chance to win the tie, I expect we’ll make some telling subs at halftime that may sacrifice this particular battle to have a better shot in the war.

Of course, anything can happen at the RSP, but Madrid will be difficult to break down. I believe we have a team that can compete in all competitions, but I don’t think any of us would hesitate to leave the Copa behind if forced to choose between the three.

Let’s fucking VAMOS!!!

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  1. Post

    YOLO lineup!

    Soria; Mercado, Rami, Lenglet, Escudero; Kranevitter, Sarabia, Iborra; Correa, Vietto, Ben Yedder

  2. Great analysis! I agree we should try to get through tonight but not to the limit! We know deep down the tie is probably over so we got to be practical and save our best team and form for Sunday in the biggest league match in years for Sevilla! Vamos! 🙂

  3. I don’t like the prospect of Iborra & Kranevitter in the middle together. Hopefully Sarabia is put in a creative role. {You just couldn’t start Kiyotake for this one, eh Sampaoli?}

    All that aside, I know the fans will be behind the players no matter what. Hope we keep a clean sheet in the 1st half to at least keep this interesting.

    ¡Vamos mi Sevilla!

    1. Even if we will be close to making it 3-0, or to go through by any slight chance… the referees will not let that happen… it’s quite clear in this cup tie. Hopefully it won’t be the same in the league match on Sunday or we should protest in front of RFEF :p

  4. Now the first referee doesn’t even need to do anything…. the linesmen are there to screw things up, just in case.

    We are dominating RM, even though they surely are not at their 100% and will make a couple of changes soon.

    The team is playing quite well, however, trying to watch things from a neutral point of view and leaving the heart aside…. the tactics are great, the strategy all good and almost perfect… but we simply don’t have the players to perform this game style for the full 90 minutes.

    Iborra is not Arthuro Vidal…. and Kranevitter… although not bad this half… he’s not a running machine which would be needed for that part of the midfield.

    Jovetic came in in the ending minutes of the first half to replace the seemingly injured Correa, who was not bad but often was clueless as to what to do with the ball…. not a good sign for a prospecting winger. Moreover, our shots from outside the box were chicken shots… all weak and fluffy, no real threat for Casilla.

    Anyway, RM also had 2 good chances with Kroos having 2 curved shots there, but were unlucky. I’d take a win, just to let RM know that we can damage them even without our key players like: Nasri, N’Zonzi, Mariano, Mudo, Vitolo. The bastards thought that they can beat anyone even with some of their key players missing… well, maybe they’ll beat us in the second half but we are surely going to make them sweat a lot for that.

    If we somehow manage to get an early second half goal, things might get interesting till the end. Even though, with this formation and playing strategy, it’s surprising how there’s only 1 goal so far. It’s a very open game with lots of attacking opportunities on both ends. The linesmen, if they weren’t bribed by Uncle Flo at this point, would have had to be very careful in their decisions. However, now it’s all offsides for Sevilla and only 80-20 cases given against RM, anything less and it’s no offside for the RM sons of bitches…. I really hate this fucking team and their nasty old President.

    Another positive thing…. Lenglet…. calm, composed, solid, skillful… great assets for someone who’s only 21 years old. He can definitely be a decent cover for any of our CB’s.

    On to the second half… hopefully we keep up with the pace and Jovetic entertains us a bit. Obviously he’s not 100% after not having played for a long time with Inter, but he surely missed some action and is hungry for some goals. Don’t disappoint us Jo-Jo!

  5. Zidane’s instructions were clear… go out and kill this game early

    Fair play to Real Madrid, now we need FOUR more to go through, I would be happy if we blew for full time now

  6. I just happy we playing a decent match. We weed never going through here, 1-1 wouldn’t be a bad result. I’d rather end their unbeaten run on Sunday. That would be sweet in the huge league game! 🙂

  7. Tense last few mins. I knew we were out and to be honest I wanted us out in way so we can focus on league and champions league. However, a win would be great to end real madrids long unbeaten run under zidane and stop them getting record and sets us up for Sunday. Where we will play a stronger team, same with Real too of course. Will place doubts in their mind though, that they don’t like coming to Sanchez pijzuan. No team does right now, with us being arguable the best form in clubs history.

    1. Can’t win when you have a midfielder pair of Iborra and Kranevitter. These 2 players (though I have a lot of respect for Iborra as he plays with his heart), are not Sevilla material and would be surprised if they could be starters in a mid-table La Liga team.

      Now I’m left with the feeling that we could’ve gone through if it wasn’t for the piss poor midfield… and of course if Rico was between the sticks.

      We came out all guns blazing from the first minute, and no matter the referee’s shameful performance, we still could’ve score 4-5 past this RM, at least. Not finalizing the chances up front will make us pay even in serious matches like the one on Sunday or even the tie with Leicester. A team that dominates and totally annihilates the opponent should be up 3-0, just like RM did with us in the first match… and not get a pitiful 3-3 draw.

      However, we have to admit and can’t do anything about 2 strong facts, which are helping RM immensely this season, and they are:

      1) Referee’s help (Uncle Flo bribing at its best)

      2) The quite little gap between the first team-ers, second and third choice players within their 25 men squad.

      Hopefully the shamefulness of the referees will stop on Sunday, but I highly doubt that, and I cannot expect anything else, with all the regarded optimism, that we will lose, mainly because of scandalous refereeing.

      RM will try 100% to keep their unbeaten record and even if we dominate them like tonight, they will at least get a draw somehow…. the son of a bitch Perez will be watching from above!

    1. The first 2 goals fell because of his fault… mixed with poor goalkeeping from Soria, but can’t blame a keeper who hasn’t played for lots of months due to injury. Kranevitter is the weakest link in the squad and should be immediately sent back to Atletico. There should be no negotiation or reconsideration if that. We won’t be able to do anything with this pathetic midfield. Iborra at least gave 100% and ran all night, Kranevitter is a parasitic pest.

  8. Shitty end today. Our full strength team will be fun to watch against theirs on Sunday. Thought Kranevitter was well positioned and controlled the game well. Stupid penalty to give up, but an improved performance otherwise

    1. He was involved in all three goals given up. Missed tackle in the open field with Asensio, the penalty and then a shitty half-hearted challenge on Benz at the end. He was terrible.

    2. Kranevitter was the culprit for the first goal also. He played alright if considered as a static center midfielder…. made some turns and distributed some balls… but that is nothing that Cotan couldn’t do for instance. Kranevitter was loaned for the defensive midfielder role… the one to run, chase opponents, tackle, win balls etc. kind of Casemiro’s style. However, he hasn’t done any of that from the moment he debuted with the team… and he should be sent back to where he came for the lack of guts to step his game up for over 5 months now.

  9. Yep defo the weak link bar far. Same we never won but in all honesty this game was a dead rubber. It’s great we gave new players a start and fringe players too(bar kranevitter) I’d rather beat them in league. This would be nice but not as inmportant.

    It meant more to them this as they beat Barca’s 39 unbeaten record getting 40.

    Sunday will be exciting with both teams at full strength, no kranevittee in sight hopefully!

    Plus we get to focus on league and champions league now. Remember in 2006/2007 season where we fought on 3 fronts and it cost us in league in end. We have a much better chance keeping pace with Real Madrid and Barca by being out the cup!

    Roll on Sunday!

    1. nice summation there Mark, and in hindsight I agree (although at 3-1 I was hoping for us to get it back), we can now concentrate on the two big competitions, and continue to enjoy the ride that is Sevilla Futbol Club

  10. Jo-jo is already proven and showed tonight that he doesn’t forgive much (2 shots, 1 goal) in the box. However, what do you guys think about Lenglet? I’m impressed by his solid performance tonight. The last minute shot from Benzema (lucky) was deflected by him before getting in the net, but in overall… he was rock solid and distributed well in the left side.

    1. yeah I was really impressed with him, although on my stream it was hard to make out who was who at times.

      when I was sure it was him on the ball he seemed really composed though, and the fact he was hard to distinguish from our regular guys was reassuring

  11. regarding ramos – he really has it in for the biris norte, and did anyone else notice his hand gesture as if to apologise to the rest of the stadium after his penalty and goading of the north stand?

    1. Yes… not sure why it was though… but makes sense about biris norte thing. He always made some gestures after scoring against us…. even in the Uefa Super Cup, when there were no biris or anything…. he’s just an idiot!

  12. Lenglet is billion miles better than kolo. very calm on passing. I guess he would be starter for the rest of the season

  13. Lenglet did very well. Calming influence on the team. Great on the ball and solid in his defending. Great 1st impression like. Jovetic had a fine debut too and great goal he scored too. Wow!

    More of the same on Sunday I hope! We will have nzonzi, nasri, rico, pareja maybe Mariano and escuedero back in line up too.

  14. One common denominator in all 3 goals scored by Madrid tonight, Kranevitter. We need to get rid of him ASAP.

    I really can’t fault anyone else, If only we had played with the same passion and tempo in the first leg we would be in the next round, we had them very rattled in the first half it’s a shame we couldn’t have got the important 2nd goal before half time. Very impressed with the 2 new guys I thought they played like they had been here for years, hopefully they both start on Sunday. The support tonight was phenomenal from start to finish I can’t wait for the weekend we have a great chance if we play the same tactics.

    Spanish tv are making a big thing re the insults towards Ramos from the goal norte and his reaction after scoring the pen. It’s a shame that when players arrive at R. Madrid they immediately change into such arrogant Bastards.

  15. Sergio Rico, David Soria, Mariano, Lenglet, Rami, Nico Pareja, Mercado, Escudero, Kranevitter, Nzonzi, Iborra, Nasri, Franco Vázquez, Sarabia, Jovetic, Vitolo, Vietto and Ben Yedder.

    This is the team called up for tomorrow night’s derby vs. RM.

    Sampaoli stated in a press conference today that this will be the first time that he is having doubts about the first eleven, with Jovetic and Lenglet coming and performing very good from the beginning. He’s specifically not sure whether Ben Yedder or Jovetic will start up front…. I guess he’ll go with Jovetic, either him or WBY would do, they’re both valuable assets up front.

    Correa not included in the list due to his injury, while Ganso and Kiyotake not called by technical decision. Surprised to see Kranevitter there… hopefully he will not start or I will have a hard time taking the midfield seriously in an important match like the one tomorrow.

    My guess for the formation is this:


    Pareja – Rami – Mercado/Lenglet

    Mariano Escudero


    Mudo – Nasri

    Sarabia – Jovetic – Vitolo
    Vitolo – WBY – Jovetic (or a combination between the 3, but without Sarabia)

    Just hoping that the referee will not screw this match up as always…. if RM beats us fair and square, that’s alright, but any help from the referees and it’s really disgusting.

  16. While whining that they don’t receive him as he wants (as a “hero” presumably), horseface Ramos went on to mention Dani Alves and Rakitic, that they are treated as Gods when coming to RSP.

    Well, dear puta-madridista horseface friend Ramos, Rakitic stayed for 3 seasons and helped the club immensely achieve the goals, moreover, he was the captain of the club in his last season here. Meanwhile, the legend Dani Alves did not only play extremely well during his years here, but he also showed some huge respect towards the club by staying one more year in the 2007-08 season after Puerta’s death in the end of August. He sacrificed his career by playing for 1 more season with us, even though he had offers from Chelsea and could protest like many other players do, but he manned up and did his best till the very end.

    Additionally, both players had loving memories at the city and the club, leaving from here with tears. Meanwhile, the horseface left immediately after some interest in him and he didn’t care about the club or anything regarding that matter.

    That is why you’re never be welcomed in Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan! May the crowd always mention your mother and boo you all the time!

    1. Hahaha great stuff here!I really want to see his horseface tonight after we beat them.
      I am so nervous,cant wait the time for the kick off…but i strongly believe we will win tonight.Worst scenario a draw,which isnt that bad after all,it ‘s a derby.Real wont risk for the win,unless we score first.
      Ok lets see,fuck Ramos fuck Real VAMOS!

  17. Can’t wait for tonight! Excited for it! I think we can win although will be very tough! We got our best team available, which wasn’t the case against Barca as we had a few injuries. Plus we have a few extra signings too.

    C’mon Sevilla we can do it! Vamos! 🙂