CdR First Leg: Sevilla – Real Madrid

As I was discussing earlier this evening, disliking Real Madrid is something we La Liga followers do in our sleep, and it swells from such a variety of circumstances that it’s sometimes lost in the cloud of disdain that we actually get to play this team from time to time.  This time we get them in the Copa del Rey semifinal.  Finally coming face to face with one of the two heads of La Liga’s Evil Empire (and, arguably, the eviler of the two) puts Sevilla in a place to play as hard and as passionate as Del Nido speaks.  Del Nido has not dulled his tongue when it comes to the big kids on the block, and now the coaches and players will also lay their cards down.

So they have, as can be seen in this video after the jump.  It’s narrated by Andrés Palóp.

They say while the players were still shaking hands and the stands still hailing the victors off the field, the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán fell suddenly into darkness and the following video aired on the screens (translation follows):

Cuando saltas al campo y ves sus caras, notas la fuerza de sus miradas.

When you step onto the field and see their faces, you sense strength in their gaze.

Notas que te empujan, notas que te estrujan.

You sense them pushing you, you sense them pressing you.

Notas que estás ahí por ellos, que estás ahí para ellos.

You sense that you are there because of them, that you are there for them.

Cuando saltas al campo y ves sus caras,

When you step onto the field and see their faces,

Querrías ser uno de ellos, para poder sentir lo que sienten ellos.

You’d want to be one of them, to be able to feel what they feel.

¿Entiendes que sin ti esto no funciona?

Do you understand that without you this cannot work?

VAMOS DEIXAR-TE SEM O TITULO [yes, in portuguese]

We are going to leave you title-less.

¿Quieres otra copa?

Do you want another trophy?

That’s some heavy stuff right there.  It sure does boil the blood to see the real competitive flair of the players coming out in moments when there isn’t a ball at their feet.  What I mean is, I probably feel strong enough about this match to smear paint on my face-n-chest (and elsewhere!) and flex in front of a mirror for a couple of minutes, but to see professional players care this much raises the intensity to another level.

We are Sevilla.  We know who we are.  We know who you are, too.  You are Real Madrid.  You know what we think of you.  We know what you think of all of us lesser-thans.  Game on.

LET’S START THE DISCUSSION!  Possible lineups?  Most hated RM player other than CR7?  Who will dive first: Capel or Ronaldo?  Who will get a yellow card first: Alexis or Carvalho?  How many goals will we need to win by to feel even slightly comfortable going to Madrid?