Buzzing with Rumors

Nothing too major…  probably.  But a lot of smaller sized rumors and things to generally watch for now that the team now that we’re in the winter transfer window.  The team has no stated needs and Emery has said he isn’t expecting any moves, but that doesn’t mean that the team isn’t being active locking up players or dealing with those on the fringes.  And, of course, if someone did come along and steal one of our major contributors, we’d likely have to respond in order to replace them.  Quickly (in descending order of my own perceived importance):

  • CapRak: Rakitic’s brother is communicating more with the club.  And now, its sounding more likely that an extension will be worked out to keep him here…  for now.
  • Moreno: Napoli have apparently expressed interest.  This is one that makes me a little nervous (not much just yet, but worth keeping an eye on).  Hopefully we don’t lose him during this window as I doubt we’d be able to find a replacement of similar quality.
  • Mbia: QPR want to sell Mbia.  If I understand correctly, we can buy him for 4 million Euros.  To me, that is a no-brainer of a purchase.  But I suppose it also depends on what they have sitting in the club bank accounts.  I hope this gets done.
  • Neilton: Maybe not news, but apparently we have an offer out there for the talented Santos Neymar clone.  We’ll see.
  • Perotti:  I haven’t heard anything, but was expecting he’d be one of the most consistently mentioned names.  I’d be perfectly happy if things stay silent and he stays here.
  • Cicinho!: Finally training again!  Apparently they’re looking to loan him which strikes me as a reasonable move so he can get back into playing shape and hopefully join us again in full force next season.
  • Maduro: Merciful end to what must have been a painful stretch for a guy who always seemed nice and played reasonably hard.  I wish him the best at PAOK.
  • Rusescu:  Old news obviously.  But was part of the transfer window.  Oh, if only you’d showed up to training not wildly out of shape.  Good luck wherever you went.

Am I missing anything else?