bust out your crystal balls and place your bets

With Atletico coming to town and kicking off the Liga season tomorrow, this is our last chance to do our best Nostradamus impressions and register our claims for end of season bragging rights.  I know Jeremy sort of posted this earlier, but the making of clear predictions got derailed by transfer chaos and an inadvertent shift in the conversation by people such as myself towards wishy washy statements such as “I would be really happy at the end of the season if….”.

Enough of that tepid garbage!  Time to be bold!  Let’s all make wild semi-educated guesses about the following:

1) Sevilla’s final position in the table (and point total)

2) La Liga top 4 and bottom 3.

3) Champs League winner.

4) Europa League winner.

5) Copa del Rey winner.

6) La Liga goal scoring leader (and number)

7) Sevilla top 3 goal scoring leaders (and number)

8) Sevilla’s surprising break through player.

9) When will Kondogbia leave the team, and to whom?

10) Number of goals that Negredo scores this year for Man City.

11) Number of assists for Navas.

Put your answers in the comments.  Winner gets something awesome…  Maybe.  Or maybe not.  But we’ll all think you’re really cool for the entire offseason.

And also, don’t forget to go over to the earlier site welcome post from Chris, and tell him how amazing the new site looks.