Breaking News: Sevilla FC Hire Eduardo Berizzo As New Manager

According to the official Sevilla FC website, Eduardo Berizzo has been signed as new manager for Sevilla FC. The agreement is for two seasons. The Argentine comes from three successful seasons at Celta de Vigo. What do you think of the hire?

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  1. Banega just signed with Tigres in Mexico.

    When he looks back on his career, his two years at Sevilla are going to be the highlight in a career otherwise dominated by wasted potential.

    1. interesting. and true.

      players often undervalue what it means to play in a system that fits your style. and the second they’re thriving they look for the next rung off the latter and then don’t do as well.

      good luck south of the border Ever.

    2. Agreed 100%. The same more or less goes for Bacca also I’d say. His days at Sevilla are incomparable to any other club.

    3. he was so eager to go to Inter and join their Argentine revolution he went to court with the club, and now he leaves after just one season. Ugh, shows not every team is set up to accommodate you, still a shame that he only has his two years at Sevilla to show for his prodigious talent. I guess his international career could be over too as he doesn’t fill the mould of a Sampaoli midfielder.

      In other news, N’zonzi being courted by Juventus

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  2. i really don’t have a strong view on Berizzo. Celta have done well lately. I’m sure he deserves lots of credit.

    its definitely a less splashy move than Sampaoli had been. but maybe that’s good. maybe Berizzo will have a longer view of his role in this team and we can finally have some of the stability that our team so badly needs.

  3. One thing is certain, Berizzo is a serious coach. That is what we needed now after a season full of fun and frustration but lack of seriousness when it mattered. Hopefully he’ll prove to be a good manager for us, but of course, that will also depend on how ready the management will be to fully support his project.

  4. Watched the game.. Mercado played really well. Correa also played.. Was OK.

    Argentina lucky to get away with the win.. Brazil squandered a lot of opportunities especially in the second half but some last ditch defending and the upright on a couple of occasions helped Argentina keep Brazil at bay.

  5. Jovetic with a hattrick tonight for his NT. Two of his goals were beautiful, but one of the two with the scissor kick was the best.

    We definitely need to sign the guy as he has at least 3-4 years left to prove he’s one of the best attacking players around. With a serious coach like Berizzo, he might do wonders.

  6. Juventus pushing hard for N’zonzi, the papers have gone as far as saying Allegri requested having N’zonzi as one of the conditions for him to sign a new deal till 2020. I hope Sevilla plays hardball and holds out for his release clause of 40M, if not no one’s going to take us seriously.

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  8. Is anyone looking at the pre-season predictions? If not, I will be happy to help. As an unemployed young male I have nothing better to do in this off-season…

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    Reports are N’Zonzi has agreed to terms with Juventus pending finalization of terms by Sevilla. Rumors are 35 million over a few installments.

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  11. Another rumor, we, Valencia and three premier league clubs are in for Bacca, we’re having a reunion party

  12. I have a degree in public administration (public economics and HR) – so I know how to/how not to spend tax-dollars! But currently looking for a job in the health-section…

    Well I could probably lend you a hand. Depending on what kind of updates you have in mind, of course.

  13. Without looking at your predictions!!!!

    The best signing and the most disappointing?: I would go for Sarabia and Ganso. But for this one I am using the democratic approach, so what do you think?

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      I don’t know if I did a prediction, but here is what I think for the season.

      Salvatore Sirigu – Most Disappointing – He was fucking terrible.

      Best signing of course was Sarabia! Such an impact!

      1. Aaah yes, Sirigu.. really no competition, is there?
        And I agree with Sarabia. So thank you! The predictions are nearly finished!

  14. Chris i agree that Sirigu was the pits but he looked ok with Osasuna, saved 2 penalties in one game. I’m also a fan of Ganso, no slower than Nasri or Banega but with more talent than both. Of course Vasquez gets through more work and is more competitive. We need a mix of talents, artistas and artesanos

    1. There’s no way Ganso has more talent than Banega. Maybe he has more trick passes in his bag, but Banega ran games against the very best teams in the world. Ganso isn’t even in the same league. And his work rate the worst in the squad, which is especially detrimental because he’s also the slowest.

  15. Seems like Jovetic will be gone and forgotten soon. If Nolito comes along, it will get interesting again, otherwise, I don’t see any concrete plans for squad improvement or any hope that all will be good soon.

    1. Jovetic and Inter demanded too much though I think 14m for his services is pretty much on spot, Nasri is gone as well as he “dug his own grave” with his performances and work rate in the second half of the season. Other than that, we are only linked to Emre Colak of Deportivo and Lucas Perez.

      As for departures Chelsea are sniffing around Rico as Courtois may be on the move, as part of the aftershock of the Donnorumma fiasco MIlan are also looking for a keeper and Rico could be in their sights too.

  16. Ok jo, It’s probably a moot point as Ganso will probably move on anyhowz. But I don’t see it that way. The big criticism of Ganso was ‘too slow’, but studying carefully his play he doesnt merit that title while Nasri maybe does. Banega had what Emery called ‘the pause’, the ability to hang on to the ball waiting for a better opening and executing the pass, I see Ganso doing the same, though Banega certainly covered more ground but at the cost of getting into the penalty area. Clearly, Ganso came from Brazillian football and the transition was gradual, but Nzonzi took a full season of transition too.o

    Ganso scored 2 league goals from 484 minutes, Nasri scored 2 league goals from 1843 minutes. Nasri was poorly disciplined too, getting sent off in a crucial game. Banega knew it would probably be a big mistake moving from Sevilla because he was nearing the end of his career, but he took the challenge and the risk showing that he wasn’t short of ambition.

    1. I’d gladly have Banega back. Ganso was not bad but will take another season or two to adapt I think. Even the Turkish clubs didn’t want him in January with the reason that he lacks fitness to play in Turkish league… now imagine the La Liga needs for 38 matches + Copa and CL/EL.

      If we lose N’Zonzi, then Banega would be a great addition. He is 28 years old, has cemented the place in Argentina NT and still has 3-4 years to show he’s a decent midfielder, while we can make use of that. Recently there’s a rumor that Espanyol wants Banega and Inter are asking 12 million for him. For 12 million, it would be very worth signing him, especially that he has a previous history with us and doesn’t need much adapting in La Liga.

  17. Nolito getting closer to signing. We want a one year loan deal for three million euro with option to buy for seven to eight million. ManC just want us to pay up. Looks likely though.

    Navas also looking more likely for a return.

    Castro says we still haven’t given up on signing Jovetic and we want to sign him.. But the talks are difficult. He insists a number 9 is our highest priority.

    Bacca rumours of a return continue to build speed but nothing concrete and I believe nothing has really been discussed between the clubs.

    Castro has said we will spend even more this off season than last. Assuming the immenant departures of NZonzi and Vitolo I guess, the later we are insisting only the buy out clause and no lower.

  18. Younus Belhanda the latest name to appear. Apparently Berizzo has requested him. A very talented player who would apparently set us back around eight million.

  19. We have apparently agreed on terms for Banega with Inter. His return appears to be getting closer.

  20. Hopefully.

    Imagine our attack with Banega, Vazquez, Sarabia, Correa, Navas, Nolito, Yedder, Jovetic

    And that’s even with Vitolo gone if all rumours came true.

    Would just need a replacement for NZonzi and some improvement in defence and would be creating something special.

  21. The score from this season’s predictions are 99% ready! (Spoiler alert: IT WAS CLOSE!!!)
    Can I send them in a mail to someone – Rene? Chris?

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      1. So yes, I would actually like your e-mail. I thought I could find it on the site, but I might be looking in all the wrong places.

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  22. I’ll just send it to you, I think. Sometime in the nearest future when I am back with my computer

  23. Belhanda just signed a 4 year deal with Galatasaray, so he won’t be coming here after all. Hopefully we’ll get Bacca back, somehow!

  24. Bacca has reportedly said he is happy in Milan. Doesn’t seem like he’s an option.

    Hoping Banega, Nolito and Navas deals all go through

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  27. Dont panic we will buy a player soon. Good thing that Dani Parejo is out of the reckoning, he’s talented enough with the ball but not a team player, questionable attitude and poor workrate.