Breaking News: Sevilla FC Confirm Departure of Monchi

We will have more on this later. Here is the link to the article from Sevilla FC:

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  1. Yeah… just as expected. Time to say goodbye to the legend. Will never forgive him if he joins a mediocre club like AS Roma.

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    I kind of feel the same ShendM. I would feel much better if he had just said in the summer, “I want a new challenge, I want more money, I want to work for a team with more money,” instead of the rest BS that he came up with. This was clearly the goal last year as well.

  3. Much more to this story than you could imagine, will come out in time I suppose, just a combination of common everyday situations coming to a head.

  4. Disrespectful stuff from Sampaoli lately. He is constantly offering himself to Barca through statements, even though they will most probably not consider him due to their “Barca DNA” philosophy and the failed experiment with Tata Martino. Sampaoli stating that it would be a dream to coach Messi before his career ends and that means either at Barca or at Argentina NT, so he is not considering Sevilla as a long term project, yet tries to make Sevilla a weak Argentina B with players like Kranevitter getting many minutes even though they suck.

    Not good Sampaoli. The management should have some serious discussion with him and the future at the club. He has 1 more year here, but if he screws the team up and then leaves in summer 2018, nothing is achieved. He should either extend the contract, for which I personally wouldn’t be opposed to, if he doesn’t make the same mistakes in the next season, also, if the club is ready to at least keep the same level of investment (not bad last summer window), and at least keep Jovetic.

    So, it should be either long-term or goodbye for Sampaoli in my opinion. There is a reason Atletico tied Cholo up for long term and look at their successes since 2013. 2012-13 was the experimental phase for Cholo and from 2013 they became the team that we all dream of some day.

    It shouldn’t be that complicated honestly. We have the finances to back up slight team restructuring, mainly replacements for N’Zonzi and other possible significant departures (hopefully not more than 2, and hopefully not Vitolo being one of them, not counting Nasri here, he wasn’t a part of the team contractually anyway). Also, the management should be more authoritative and discuss things in depth with Sampaoli, in the meantime, why not even set some conditions before everything goes wrong and the situation will force a firing.

    Serious team, good discipline, no favoring of weak players because of nationality, implementing a winning mentality, aiming high and not modest objectives.

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  6. End of an era. Thanks for everything, Monchi. Most of us wouldn’t be the diehard Sevilla fans we are without you.

  7. Yeah very sad news! Monchi has been a rock for Sevilla. He will be sorely missed. It seems ages since our last game against atletico Madrid. The break came at the right time though and it is crucial we try take 6 points from next 9 available. Big games against sporting and deportivo as I not expecting much when we face Barca mid week.

    We still in 3rd place and should fight for it. Although I think we all agree atletico are probably favourites for that position right now. We will get to focus on la Liga though and we got to finish strongly to make this season a success. No trophies this year but if we finish 3rd or 4th then it feels like a trophy and a successful season. It would be a real shame to let the amazing first half the season go to waste.

    Big last part of the season for sampaoli and the team. Vamos Sevilla! 🙂

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  9. It’s been a while since I last posted here (I have various excuses), but this one I just had to comment on..!

    Monchi has been in Sevilla longer than I have been a fan and I am so sad to see him go. I understand that he wanted to try something new and although I think he deserves more than AS Roma, I respect his decision. He has given Sevilla a fair chance to find a replacement and in my opinion he is leaving in almost the perfect way.

    That man deserves a gracious goodbye. Hopefully it’s not forever!

  10. Atletico Madrid are so strong again right now. They have their mojo back. I see them finishing very strongly and they could win the champions league. They are the blueprint to try and follow.

  11. They’re blue print for every team with little money. Monchi wanted Sevilla to not sell their main players year in year out and invest a bit more in transfer, he had a disagreement on these issues, i can’t fault Monchi for this. Board want to make money by selling players , they’ll leep doing that , no matter if cl football gives them extra money to find lil more stability or not. They won’t either sell the cash cow that club is now. Selling won’t fetch as much as they makw on sale if players every year.