Breaking News: David Soria Out Six Weeks

David Soria has fractured his right hand and will be out for six weeks. Juan Soria will be the backup keeper until David gets healthy.

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  1. ooph. that sucks. soria gets a lot of credit for our EL championship last season. total confidence in rico obviously, but if anything happened to rico? yikes.

    hope he has a quick recovery and it doesnt set him back this season.

  2. Apparently there is also talks about buying a back-up now. I say: don’t panic. I know it’s a gamble, but I think it is worth taking the risk that Rico won’t be injured in the next six weeks. If we buy another goalkeeper, Soria will either be pushed to being the third-goalkeeper or we will buy a replacement that will then become the third goalkeeper when Soria returns. That seems like alot for “just” six weeks. I have faith in Sergio and Juan.

    1. Agreed on this one. We better focus on a DM (hopefully Caio) and a LB… or a third striker if we let go of Munoz, rather than an unnecessary goalie backup while we have Rico and Churripi. I’d say we’d do pretty well with these two… and I wouldn’t even mind with Churripi being a starter for a couple of league matches while waiting for Soria and Rico (if he has any issues, hopefully not) to return.

      One thing though, to put things in perspective, is that the management might be concerned over Soria’s injury as it is a quite nasty one. A fracture of the finger is the last thing that a GK would want. This will surely prolong the coming back in top form and will eventually lead to a bit of induced fear into Soria, as the pain would remind him not to go bravely and catch the ball the next time… it’s quite draining psychologically.

      Therefore, the staff would think that it would take longer than 6 weeks… maybe up to 3 months for Soria to be back on full form (that if we’re lucky) and they perhaps want to loan a backup goalie in order to not risk with Rico only as the only one who is experienced enough to feature in the CL and La Liga.

  3. Shendm, you’re right in terms of the management’s possible concern of this injury. It might undo all the good work he’s done to get this far. Churripi will probably stay with Sevilla Atlético now that they’re in the Segunda (I will never call it LaLiga 1|2|3). And although I doubt Valencia wants to do any business with us, do we go back to being linked with Diego Alves? I’m not sure how well he is at distribution, but a GK of that caliber would at least give Rico some competition.

    In terms of the rest of the squad, another backup to Kranevitter’s spot is essential. Caio would be perfect for both the DM/CB cover. As an added bonus, an understanding with Ganso wouldn’t hurt their integration into European football.

    Assuming we put together the Champions League squad:

    GK: Sergio Rico*, {2nd GK}
    Defenders: Mariano, Mercado, Rami, Pareja, Carriço, Kolo, Escudero, {Caio}
    Midfielder: Iborra, N’Zonzi, Kranevitter, Ganso, Kiyotake, Vazquez, Sarabia, Vitolo, Konoplyanka, Correa, Borja Lasso*
    Forwards: Vietto, Ben Yedder, Carlos Fernandez* (?)
    (Injury Listed: Krohn-Dehli, Tremoulinas, David Soria)
    * Cantera players

    Total makes 24 players, with 1 more needed to fill the quota of 4 canteranos. Even though Monchi is now doubting it, Navas would be the perfect signing for me. He offers width for that RW as you mentioned Shendm. In an age of inverted wingers, his profile completes our set of midfielders, and our squad of 25. He will then take up the armband & the #16 shirt.

    1. I agree with your assessment Edinho.

      Navas coming back would be quite beneficial for us… for that 4th canterano spot for CL, also he is 30 and didn’t do so bad at City during all these years. Besides, Guardiola has shown the door to the following players so far (irreversible decision) to: Nasri, Mangala, Bony. It was assumed that Navas would be on that list… but Pep surprised everyone by calling up Navas for the CL playoff matches.

      I’m not completely sure that will he be eligible to play with us in the group stages if we end up signing him… if he plays for City in the playoffs prior to that… but anyway, I think this is the reason that negotiations were put at halt, since I guess Pep is trying to keep Navas at least as a sub and Navas is also wanting to stay at City so there was mutual agreement on the decision.

      Still, the window is running for almost another 3 weeks and there’s plenty of time for additional signings… however, with Monchi’s latest conference, the only thing to be concerned now is that we don’t sell Vitolo (at least not for the ridiculous 25 million euros clause), and sign a DM at least, if no one else.

      Ideally, we’d sign another RW (even if that’s not Navas, we still need one), a LB (who knows when Tremo will be back, can’t count on Escudero and Kolo for all season), and I’d be all fine with Carlos Fernandez as the third choice striker, also contributes for the canteranos spot for CL and he’ll get minutes in CDR to prove his worth, so no need for expenses on the strikers section.

  4. Sao Paolo now asking 15 million euros for Caio. Caio has held talks with his club’s management and is requesting a move to Sevilla, under Sampaoli who he hails as the ‘best coach in the world’.

    Lazio has also made an offer for Caio in the range of 12 million euros. However, the player wants to come to Sevilla, adores Sampaoli and we are also very interested to bring him here.

    Will Monchi push for what Sao Paolo are asking? I highly doubt it… but you never know. 3 weeks still a long time though, anything can happen.

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