Breaking: Afellay Leaves Barca

As Monchi’s Men reported nearly two years ago and earlier this summer, Ibrahim Afellay has been loaned to Schalke 04 after an at times promising but largely ineffective stint watching Barca’s megastars from the bench. As we first reported the day he signed for Bareclona, Afellay leaves the club after a frustrating time of playing very well but never being good enough to overcome the first XI of expensive and highly-paid footballers, which anyone with eyes could see would happen during his stint with one of the biggest-spending clubs in the world. The transfer to the German club sees the talented midfielder head to the kind of club he should have signed for 18 months ago, as we noted at the time. As we explained at the beginning of the summer, his chances of becoming more than a really well-paid fan with a spectacular seat who occasionally got to stand on the field when games were beyond doubt were futher destroyed by the arrival of the next crop of Barca youngsters, a development that could be foreseen by basically any thinking person when Afellay signed for the club, as we detailed that very day as well as earlier this summer, when we were the first to report on this matter, out-reporting Marca, EMD, and Sport by 18 months.