Borussia Mönchengladbach – Sevilla Match Comments

So we’re not technically eliminated from the Champions League. With precisely three points from four matches, it’s still mathematically possible for Sevilla to advance. All it would take is for Sevilla to win all its remaining matchs (not…impossible) and for either Juventus or Manchester City to get 0 points from their remaining matches (also not actually impossible!).

Tomorrow’s matchups, Sevilla at Borussia Monchengladbach (ugh that’s so much typing sorry Borussians but I’m abbreviating you BM) and Manchester City at Juventus, look like the dream could still be alive by the end of the match day. I think we’ll beat BM (let’s be honest, BM has kind of stunk this year), and if City can manage a win over Juventus, Sevilla would host Juve on the last day of group play needing a win to advance.

But none of that is a given. BM has been tough recently! And a tough BM can be tough to pass in a game. While they’re definitely not going to advance in the Champions League, BM can still make a run at Europa, so they’re motivated. It will likely require a lot of effort to eliminate this BM from European competition. While their play has been far from regular, BM has certainly produced some fluid, velvety, smooth passing this year. Clearly pressing high up the pitch and really blocking BM from easy movement will be key. We simply must stop BM at all costs. Got to stop them up. BM will of course look to use their width and try to cover the entire pitch, but we simply can’t allow BM everywhere. Look for Emery to really clog up the middle of the pitch, limiting the majority of BM’s possession on their own side of the field. Or he may let BM run rampant, and look to surprise BM and get in behind.