Bilbao v Sevilla – Match Comments

Somehow, despite being tied for first, Sevilla’s start has flown largely under the radar of most analysts. People ask, “who’s gonna win La Liga?” and it almost universally comes down to a two or three team discussion. To be honest, I pretty much agree (according to his recent comments to the press, Senor Emery does as well). I won’t even entertain considering us contenders unless we’re within 3 points at the half way mark. Even then, I’ll probably be skeptical, its just how I’m programmed.

Our schedule has been a little on the weak side. We haven’t looked great against quality opponents. But you play the games on your schedule. And we head to the San Mames with a chance to go clear on the top 10 games into the season. Insane to imagine that. Seriously, remember how awesome it was last week seeing us joing top with Barcelona? Well, it’s possible that when I wake up in the morning and check the results (stupid game starts at 3am California time), there will be only one team sitting on the top of the table: ours.

This game will definitely be a challenge. I don’t care how out of form Bilbao are. Playing in the San Mames is almost always misery, and we have the record to prove it. But the truth is that we really can do it. We have an amazing opportunity. A chance to make some noise in La Liga. Take away some of the shine from the loathesome 2.5 and to show the world that there are some other teams in Spain playing some pretty damn good football.

Essentially everyone is healthy at this point (who would reasonably be considered to start). Vitolo may or may not be ready to go 100% for a full match, but that’s for Emery to decide. Whoever gets chosen, I’m hoping they steup up and make us proud.

Alright guys, enough of a contentless ramble for one night. I’m headed to bed, but can’t wait to read what you all thought of the game and hopefully be thrilled with the result.