Biggest Transfers in Club History – Update

While trying to do real work that actually matters for my career/future I decided it was a great time to dive down a rabbit hole of procrastination and start thinking about Sevilla transfers in recent history.  I figure its time to update our top transfers ever list.  Please let me know if I forgot/messed anything up, its intended to be base transfer fee and then bonuses in parentheses.

  1. Dani Alves – 39 million, Barca
  2. Carlos Bacca – 30 million, AC Milan
  3. Alvaro Negredo – 25 (28) million, Man City
  4. Sergio Ramos – 28 million, Real Madrid
  5. Julio Baptista – 24.5 million, Real Madrid
  6. Jose Antonio Reyes – 22 million, Arsenal
  7. Jesus Navas – 21 (25) million, Man City
  8. Geoffrey Kondogbia – 20 million, Monaco
  9. Aleix Vidal – 18 (21) million, Barcelona
  10. Ivan Rakitic – 18 (20) million, Barcelona
  11. Alberto Moreno – 18 million, Liverpool
  12. Seydou Keita – 14 million, Barca
  13. Adriano Correia – 13.5 million, Barcelona
  14. Gary Medel – 13 million, Cardiff
  15. Federico Fazio – 10 million, Tottenham
  16. Christian Poulsen – 9.75 million, Juventus
  17. Aleksandr Kerzhakov – 8 million, Dynamo

Obviously there is a lot of debate here about what is a good/bad transfer and when we should/shouldn’t send a player on to a new destination.  But what’s clear is that the last three years have been immense in terms of revenue, finalizing 7 of the club’s 13 biggest sales.  This is an incredible total of 152 million euros across three seasons.  Again, I’m doing this quickly so let me know if my math is wrong but in that stretch we’ve seen Bacca, Negredo, Navas, Vidal, Rakitic, Moreno, and Fazio all leave.  (Note: I added in Kondogbia and Medel later and didn’t feel like re-adding things up…)

On top of when/who/how much each transfer should be, there are also big divisions here at Monchi’s Men about what is/isn’t the best use of these funds.  I tend to be of the longer time-frame perspective, not wanting to overspend for overpriced players and more willing to continue buying low(ish) and selling high(er) and improving terms of contracts for players on the squad who have demonstrated their ability.  Others want proven commodities from bigger clubs.

Of course a key piece of my argument has been that the money could/should be used to create more stability and less turnover at our club.  This off-season doesn’t seem to be falling in line with that wish with five outbound players who I would consider having played important roles in the previous campaign consisting of: Bacca, Mbia, Navarro, Diogo, Vidal.  In my defense, guys who got restructured deals were Vitolo, Carrico, and Pareja (I think?) who have stayed.  Though I believe Bacca also had his deal recently restructured, and he left for AC Milan for reasons I don’t fully understand (especially if, as rumored, he didn’t get much of a salary bump).

Anyway, just tossing this out there.  Food for thought.

It’s a little painful, but can you imagine a starting lineup of?


Alves – Fazio – Ramos – Moreno

Kondogbia – Medel

Navas – Rakitic – Vidal


Reyes, Keita, Negredo, and Adriano on the bench.

Ouch.  That team could win the CL.