Big Mouth Marcelino?

So, there is an article saying that Marcelino, our new coach (for those who haven’t been following things too closely over the summer), recently said that Guardiola is a better tactician than Mourinho.

Am I the only person who, when reading this, was thinking: “WTF?!?!?!? SHUT YOUR G-D MOUTH AND STOP PI$$ING OFF OUR OPPONENTS AND GIVING THEM EXTRA MOTIVATION WHEN THEY PLAY AGAINST US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

If you are Mourinho, what are you going to think?  Of course there is the argument that everyone tries to play their best for every game and it won’t matter.  But I’m not always sure that’s true.  Especially when considering an ego-maniac like Mourinho.

Or, perhaps he’s giving Mourinho a taste of his own mind games medicine.  Trying to get the mental edge on him, in some way that I don’t understand, before the season starts.

But for me, I don’t like it at all.  He offended Betis, now he’s probably offended Mourinho.  Does anyone know if he has a history of this?

I’d much rather he shuts his mouth, worries about OUR team and OUR players, and lets our performance do any and all talking.

What do you all think?