Barcelona – Sevilla Match Comments

It’s going to be pretty easy to not care about this match as a fan of Sevilla. Of course, we’d love to pull one out of the bag at the Camp Nou and turn those smug smiles into smug frowns, but looking at Sevilla’s final 15 weeks this is a match we can certainly afford to lose. Especially in anticipation of Wednesday’s Copa del Rey death match with Atleti, we can expect a heavily rotated starting XI in Barcelona.

MM’s been all a-buzz about who we want to see out there, and it looks like the consensus is Alberto Moreno over Navarro, Manu over Negredo, and maybe Stevanovic for Navas. We’d also like to see Babá, Campaña, and Hervás, but who knows what Emery will do with his first real chance to experiment where no one could really blame him for getting crushed no matter who he puts out. Let’s hope he goes wild with the rotation (it will also give us the convenient excuse in the event a heavy defeat!).

Barça will be out for blood, methinks. Did anyone see how organized and tightly Milan played them? They were blocking every ball, getting boots in the way of so many passes in the final third, and leaving no space to exploit. Barcelona are going to loooooove running at our Swiss (ahem: Argentine, Spanish) cheese back four.

Good and bad dreams for tomorrow:

1. Good – Cesc gets carded for faking a head butt injury.

2. Good – We see many young players get a taste of the Camp Nou for the first time.

3. Bad – We get many cards of various colors and lose players for next week.

Ok, all together now…