Barca/RM/Atleti/Valencia vs. Sevilla/Villarreal/Athletic/Sociedad/ Malaga/etc Match Preview

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While we are currently in the midst of the campaign for the 2010/11 Liga crown, tomorrow is yet another leg in the competition that will help determine the winner of the La Liga championships in 2015 and beyond: that’s right, it’s time for the presidents to meet up for another round of TV revenue talks.

At stake are the some 900 million euros/year Liga TV revenue is expected to generate in 2014. The home team will be fighting for the following structure: 34% of total revenue for RM and Barca (they hate each other all year long, but they work together in perfect harmony for this important vice-like grip on money. WEIRD), 11% for Atletico and Valencia, 45% for the other 16 clubs (that’s 2.8% each), and 9% for segunda teams. The underdog away team (headed by our hero Del Nido) is looking for equal base pay for primera teams, plus variables for market share, TV ratings, and performance in the league. Clearly this plan is so logical and fair-minded that it stands absolutely no chance of being passed.

It should be another day of gripping drama that will offer everything you ever dreamed of when you became enamored of the game of football and watching your team claw for spots on the table, especially if you’re mostly in this for business suits, pompous pricks, pouting presidents, preposterous posturing and absolutely nothing involving a field, a ball, or players. These talks were supposed to be concluded last month, but there is basically no end in sight. It’s safe to assume FloPe and Rossel will hold hands and call the rest of Liga (“our minions”, FP and SR call them as they enjoy a nice soak in their luxury suite hot tub after each of these sporting contests) on their bluff about definitive action to stand up to the overlords, and then about 12 months from now will finally “back down” and agree to only keep 29% of the revenue, the extra 5% going to Atleti and Valencia.

I can’t find the kickoff time, but come by tomorrow so we can comment on all the happenings once we find a live feed. “Oh! Great counterpoint!” “Awesome volley (of words)!” “I think he’s injured! That should at least be a yellow!” And so on.