¡¡¡Ay, los links!!! (or where to watch games this fall)

This summer, I bought my first TV and signed up for a month of cable, just so I could see the world cup. My wife and I aren’t really TV people, though, so the cable is canceled, and the TV is going back to the store, which means come August, I’ll be back to watching Sevilla all year on streams. This is mostly unfortunate (42″ 720p HD TV > 2.5″  window on the computer @ 120p, if you’re keeping track), but on the other hand, at least we live in the wonderful age of internet, where such watching is possible.

I mention this because I thought it’d be nice to make a directory of the best stream resources we’ve all found. I’ll get us started, and you all can add your favorites.

rojadirecta.com is a link resource that is updated pretty regularly with information about each day’s games. A lot of their links don’t seem to work for me, and majority are for p2p programs (which I don’t have, so…). But it’s often a good place to go if you can’t find anything and you’re desperate.

veetle.com is a great resource that consistently has all Sevilla (and all La Liga) games and at pretty good quality. You have to download an application, and then you just watch the games in your internet browser. It works on mac and PC, is easy to use and browse through, and…yeah, it’s pretty consistently great.

justin.tv is also consistent, although the quality is usually pretty sketchy. It gets the job done, though, and it’s usually easy to find at least SOMETHING.

If your ISP offers it, espn3.com usually has really great quality and shows 4-5 Liga matches/week. 2 of them are pretty much always RM and Barca’s games, but Sevilla shows up pretty regularly, and when they do, the quality can’t be beat.

I know there are a few others out there that I don’t personally use as much–if anyone has any recommendations, please let us know in the comments!