Atletico – Sevilla Match Comments

At mid-week I outed myself in the comments as a basically fatalistic-at-heart Sevillista. Which is to say, I’m enjoying this ride but maybe also sort of waiting for what feels like the inevitable crash. This week, I suppose, would be as good a week as any for said crash–we’re riding high, we’re playing a team I don’t much care for, and we’re in a situation where winning would be really amazing and would set our hearts to dreaming.

Now let me just say quickly that a loss is far from a foregone conclusion. Sure, we’re playing the defending champions at home, a team with a solid defense and an offense with enough power to not seem to miss Diego Costa thus far this year. But on the other hand, they did lose their best attacker and their all-world ’keeper this transfer season. But then, they do have that impressive win against Real Madrid! On the other other hand, they did both draw with Celta in La Liga and lose all three points to Olympiakos in the Champions League. Olympiakos!!!

If all this hemming and hawing along with my fatalism hasn’t made it obvious, I’m not really sure what to expect from this game. I mean, I expect Atletico to play pretty defensive and generally be pretty boring to watch. I expect the game to be pretty bad-tempered, as these contests usually are. I expect Bacca will trouble the defense all night or at least for moments of surpassing brilliance. But I don’t know who our starters will be or what kind of formation we’ll roll with, I don’t know who will control the pace of the game, and I don’t know if we’ll win, lose, or draw. No result would particularly shock me, I don’t think, and if we’re still undefeated at the end of the day, I’ll be pretty happy regardless of the scoreline.

I’ve unfortunately only seen Sevilla play a handful of minutes all season due to work, family, and other obligations. That should change tomorrow, though–I’ll be looking forward to following along with you all as we watch the team take the next step in this remarkable start to the season. VAMOS.