Athletic vs Sevilla

It’s not something I’d ever say about a trip to Bilbao, but this could be just what Sevilla needs to get back to winning. We’re going to walk into a stadium full of fans furious at their coach and frustrated at their spot in 15th on the table and last in their UEFA group. This has even prompted Angry Argentine Bielsa to ironize about having not booed him sooner. So not unlike a visit to the dysfunctional relative’s house over the holidays, this could be the atmosphere to galvanize Sevilla and show them all they have back in their world to be grateful for. For example, we seem to sit pretty comfortable with Mr. Michel in spite of some growing pains in this second year (well, first first half of a year).

Our lineup is in and shows no Cicinho (a Cala in his place), but there is a Campaña in midfield! Will Llorente see the field before halftime? Will wack-a-mole insider Perotti ever pop up again (hint: not today)? Will we further expose the third worst bank line in La Liga and therefore vindicate our third worst offense in La Liga? If these two things are true, we’ll probably see lots of 1v1s and open headers going wide and high.

Come on Sevilla, make us proud! If only Scott Stapp could have sang that song for us. Vamoooooosssss!!