Athletic – Sevilla

There are only a few, select teams that get to play a significant game on the last matchday. And, you know, that’s fun! As a fan it’s more fun to watch a game that matters than a game that doesn’t. Of course, of those teams playing important games, some (you’ll never guess which) are actually playing for the title, while some are playing for…less glorious causes. I don’t love meaningful games so much that I wish were playing to avoid relegation, I’m just saying. For better or worse causes, Sevilla is definitely not one of the teams playing an important game. Hell, this is the 4th least significant game between these two teams this season!

But, you know, there are games that don’t matter because nothing’s on the line, and there are games that don’t matter because the next games matter more. Most of the league doesn’t care what happens today, but most of the league doesn’t also have TWO finals to look forward to (hang on, check that…no other team in La Liga has two finals to look forward to. Sevilla, #1, the best.). So it’s in that spirit I think about this game, and what I’d like to see.

I’d like to see cantera. I’d Iike to see people who haven’t played much this year and who probably won’t play in the next week or so. I’d like to see every person who walks on the field walk off without a stretcher or a limp or even so much as an annoyed expression on their face. I don’t want to see Ever or Coke. I don’t want to see Yehven or Kevin. In fact I don’t even want Kevin to see this game, just in case the team plays badly and that somehow rubs off on him and ruins his amazing run of recent form. I’d be ok with just putting Llorente out there on his own and letting him try to gladiator his own old team, and everyone else cheering him on as long as they don’t exert themselves too hard in the cheering.

Vamos, I guess, but mostly vamos in the week to come.