Armageddon Comments Thread

What’s left to be said?  Today at 2:00 CST, 10 games will be played, and all but maybe 2 or 3 have at least one team playing for their fate next year, many both teams.

Our match is one game with both teams actually playing. They’re in nearly perfect health, just missing a couple players (Iniesta, Abidal), and we are in our usual state of disarray, or I guess in slightly better health than we’ve been most of the year. But more important than the fact that we have all three attackers healthy and enough defenders to start the game with 11 men on the field is the fact that we have players who have  been SCORING lately. The squad has looked dangerous of late, and we’re scoring exactly the kind of goals you have to score to beat Barca.

Meanwhile, Mallorca is playing a Depor side in 10th, 8 points each from Europe and relegation, a side who doubtless received a Mallorcan maleta this week, and who will be doing us absolutely NO favors today. Make no mistake: if we want to sleep tonight in 4th, we HAVE to win. For their part, Barca won’t be expecting any relief from Real Madrid, despite the fact that they’re playing a team in Bilbao 1 point from the Europa League.

I probably won’t do a liveblog today, but if you’re around, stop by and comment on all the sure-to-be-electrifying and hopefully-happy-making action.