Anyone know if we have a game today?

Q. You know what I hate?

A. The international break that comes right as the season is getting started, entirely disrupting the league’s momentum and derailing my interest.

Other acceptable answers would have been 1) inequitable TV revenue sharing in La Liga, 2) Luis Suarez and Nigel de Jong, or 3) olives (I’ve just never really acquired a taste for them).

So, I woke up a bit hungover from an adventurous evening and, waddya know, it appears we have a short trip over to Catalonia scheduled for this evening.  Who knew?!

OK fine.  I did know.  I even placed a 100 dollar bet on Sevilla winning (though I’m not presently in the US so this bet is in local currency dollars equivalent to roughly $1.33 US…  and I was given 12-1 odds).  Anyway, with that momentous vote of confidence coming from Sevilla’s number one fan in West Africa, it’s hard to imagine them not being inspired to success.

Of course we had a lot of our guys running around with their respective national teams, picking up knocks (Beto, Marin), getting overused (Rakitic), or just accruing lots of frequent flier miles (Bacca).  Of course Barcelona’s team also constitutes 2/3 of the Spanish national team, so they didn’t have to travel quite as far, but were also busy.

Anyway, this isn’t a real preview, cus I’ve been a bit checked out of football for the last few weeks and just haven’t kept up with the news.  But we have absolutely nothing to lose tonight.  Unless you’re entirely delusional, or haven’t been following Spanish football for the past five or so years, its pretty hard to imagine a scenario in which we leave the Nou Camp with anything more than a few souvenir jerseys to bring back for the kids.

But maybe… Maybe this team realizes that it has a point to prove this week, that it’s results thus far this season have been utterly unsatisfying and that this is a statement game of sorts with essentially no stakes for us.  Maybe Emery will play with Bacca and Gameiro and Marin and Rabello and Perotti, throwing caution to the wind and going for eternal glory.  We can only dream.

I say Barcelona 2 – Sevilla 3.  We’re due.