Almeria v Sevilla: Match Comments

Sorry for the absence.  I’ve been traveling in places with infrequent/irregular internet.

Sounds like we had a convincing win in performance aside from finishing against Granada mid week.  Too bad the margin couldn’t have been bigger, but even with rotations, we have no excuses not to go through in the CdR.  And yesterday our three closest rivals for 4th: Valencia, Villareal, and Malaga all managed to only pick up a single point.  3 points in Almeria will be fantastic, sitting us back in 4th place even with an extra game to play.

However, it sounds like injuries may require a number of rotations for Emery.  Pareja, Tremoulinas, Mbia all out (I think).  Probably more than that and I’m just forgetting.

Anyway, post your thoughts if you get to watch.  THREE POINTS!