Almeria – Sevilla Match Preview/Comments

To recap: La Liga teams mostly forfeit their share of TV revenues to help subsidize RM and Barca so they can be the greatest TV draw in the whole world. This is supposed to be ok or fair because of how people only watch those two teams (presumably they have special glasses that prevent them from accidentally seeing the other team on the field) or something. And in the last couple weeks everyone has gotten what presumably everyone really wants: all Clasico, all the time. Except that no one wants it, and it turns out it’s basically the worst soccer you’ve ever seen, unless your favorite part of the game is seeing which group of 11 men will best be able to convince the man with the whistle when to blow his whistle or raise a plastic card over his head. If you like court TV, I guess. Watching Barcelona play Real Madrid this many times is pretty much like watching court TV on steroids, because instead of 1 person on either side it’s 11 (plus the coaches and subs), and instead of pieces of evidence calmly introduced to the court, it’s grown men throwing themselves around on a field and shouting at the top of their lungs about the unjust circumstances that led them to make the decision to throw themselves on the ground. Exciting! (again, if you happen to like watching court TV.)

I used to crusade, loudly, about the superiority of La Liga over EPL. I even encouraged a few soccer skeptics to tune in to the first of these games to see some great teams playing the technical style of the game that will always make me prefer this league to the long-ball specials on display in England. But these Clasicos have been pretty much the worst advertisements for La Liga ever. It’s embarrassing. It’s ludicrous. And now it’s up to the rest of Spain to save La Liga’s reputation from the diving and whining pieces of shit in Madrid and Barcelona.

So on Sunday Sevilla travels to Almería, whose players are at this point presumably looking up all the second division team stadiums so they’ll be ready for them next year. The “race” for 17th place is sure to be tight, but Almeria pretty well has last place on lock-down, and they’re currently 10 points adrift of safety. And it’s a game that Sevilla absolutely cannot afford to lose. Which is to say this is EXACTLY the kind of game that always seems to cause problems for us, so hopefully we can get the job done and come home with three more points and a just slightly better lock on Europa.

You guys with me? Are you there? Let’s do this! ¡¡¡A POR ELLOS!!!