Welcome to the All New Monchi’s Men!

Ladies and Gentlemen (well more gentlemen than ladies….that’s something else we need to work on,) welcome to the new Monchi’s Men website, blog, and forum.  After much discussion, the Monchi’s Men founders along with myself and our fabulous new author Tim decided to move away from the WordPress.com domain.  Once we discovered MonchisMen.com was available for purchase we jumped at the oppurtunity.  We have been working on this new site for about a month and we are really excited to express our passion and love for Sevilla FC through the new site!

The new MonchisMen.com will allow our authors, subscribers, and viewers  to do many new and different things, most notable the addition of a forum.  The forum will be a great place to discuss the other topics that do not follow well on a normal blog post.  Items such as transfer rumors, midweek player form discussion, tatic changes, and more can be discussed on the forum.  The forum also allows us to expand to even more areas of discussion to include other La Liga teams, as well as other leagues and nations.  The forum will also be a great spot for us to learn more about each other and most importantly continue to help expand the English Speaking Sevilla FC fanbase.

In the coming weeks you will see many more additions to the site, including current and former player and manger profiles, highlights and discussions about past games of importance for Sevilla, and much more.  Our ultimate goal is to get more integrated into the Sevilla FC culture and hopefully land some interviews with key Sevilla personal to include no other than Monchi himself.

We are still going to strive to provide updates in the form of a blog to keep you informed on all things Sevilla FC!  Going forward, we would love to have even more contributors.  If you would like to write for Sevilla FC, or have any website suggustions, blog suggustions, or anything else to discuss, please let us know by visiting the contact page.

We really hope you enjoy the new site and we thank you for your visits, comments, and support!

If you have any trouble using the new site, please let me know by dropping me a line at our new contact page.

Vamos Mi Sevilla!  Vamos Campeon!