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Without a league win since early December, a beleaguered Sevilla travel north for a game they have no choice but to raise themselves for. Despite a couple of wins against Cadiz since Montella took charge, the mood around the club could clearly be better. After the humiliating gran derbi defeat last weekend, a win against Alaves would be worth a lot more than the already vital 3 points. It could prove to be a pivotal game in our quest to kick start our faltering season, and generate some more positive vibes in Nervion.

The bad news already is that we go into this game in 6th place without even kicking a ball, thanks to a resurgent Villareal who are now ahead of us after their impressive win in the Bernabeu. Realistically, Real Madrid are not going to be this bad for long, so as much as I love to see them lose, that result did not help us in the long term. Valencia, who also won 2-1 away against Depor, are now  11 points ahead of us in 3rd place. Even at this stage in the season, there is a fear that Champions League qualification could be slipping away unless we put together a good run of form soon… and that is what makes this game at Alaves all the more important. To come away with a loss is unthinkable.

Realistically, every team has a poor patch in the season, so we need to make sure that ours has officially ended. Do we have any reasons for optimism? Well despite the final result, and subsequent backlash of humiliation, there were actually a few promising signs to chew over against Betis last weekend. We looked far more competitive and entertaining than we had been recently under Berizzo, and were dangerous, albeit a bit reckless, when going forward.  And, had N’Zonzi’s header been only a few inches lower, we would have been at 4-4 with around 20 minutes remaining. Who knows how that would have swung the momentum, not just for the game, but for the season?

Also, another positive that kind of slipped under the radar of gloom, is that new Brazilian signing Guilherme Arana has arrived in Sevilla and is available for selection. From what I have seen he looks a promising talent. A predominantly left sided attacking full back, with comparisons to Sevilla legend Adriano to be expected. If he is half as successful as Adriano he would be considered a success. At only 20 years of age, one would hope the weight of expectation does not rest too heavy on his shoulders. He should be given time to adapt and grow in his new surroundings, and I am sure given the right environment, he can grow into a player who will eventually replace Escudero as our first choice in that area.

A few notable things from the squad list… again no sign of PH Ganso (who must surely have kicked his last ball in a Sevilla shirt), but also that we have THREE goalkeepers in the squad, with Fabrice Ondoa joining the travelling party! Hopefully this is a symbolic warning to Sergio Rico and David Soria that their place between the sticks is not a guarantee, or maybe one of the two first choice keepers is carrying a knock? Whatever the reason Montella has for travelling with three goalkeepers we can only guess.

As for the game, Alaves will no doubt be rubbing their hands in expectation of facing us in this time of weakness, and are sure to feel confident of a big scalp in front of their home fans. One thing is for certain, Sevilla cannot go into this game under any false pretenses, and Montella must pick his strongest available team.

So, with everything considered I’m going for a narrow 2-1 win, but with the hosts giving us a really hard time.

Transfer News

Some promising news is that Chelsea’s big Belgian forward Michy Batshuayi looks like joining us on loan until the end of the season. With the player looking to force himself into the Belgian World Cup squad and in desperate need of playing time and goals, this could be a very good move for both parties, as we desperately need someone other than Ben Yedder to rely on. Batshuayi also offers us some physical presence that we are sometimes lacking.

Notable Replies

  1. Brian says:

    Great report jonjar.
    The only thing I would add is that maybe the next 3 games being away is not such a bad thing at the moment. There will be a lot less pressure on the players than playing in front of 30,000 Sevillistas whistling every small mistake. Let’s hope we can get a good win today and regain a bit of confidence, because lose the next 3 games and the knives will be out.

  2. Rico
    Mercado Kjaer Lenglet Carole
    Guido Geis
    Navas Banega Nolito

    That’s a really slow starting 11

  3. Brian says:

    Will somebody please tel Pizarro that you are allowed to pass the ball forewards

  4. Edinho says:

    We’re winning the ball back easily but not doing much with it. We’re playing 3-4-1-2 going forward, but even with our players in space across the field, we still can’t pick a pass. I wish Geis would show us more of his passing range, but his contributions have been mostly defensive. I dont think he’s settled into the team yet. Nolito is partnering WBY up top, but he’s too busy trying to outperform Guidetti in who’s worse. Banega is our only ball player out there, and he ain’t controlling the ball as well as he usually does.

    It’s a match i wouldn’t mind seeing Mudo play. But still, i’m not too optimistic right now. And are we really struggling against the likes of Ibai?? Smh

  5. We are a pathetic club at the moment. No fight, no passion. Going through the motions of a game. This isn’t the Sevilla I have grown to love!

  6. 20 minutes to salvage a game in which I don’t recall one clear cut chance or shot on their goal.

    We can forget about top 4 now, it’s over

  7. Rico has 5 minutes late on that punch. Should have probably gotten a penalty in my opinion. He’s been poor.The whole fucking team has been poor.

  8. Make the 3rd sub. What the hell are you waiting for?

  9. Needs a goal. Brings on a RB and the ghost of the homeless man’s Bacca.

    Meanwhile, Nzonzi, Tucu and Mudo are sitting on the bench.

  10. right after going up a man and Mercado’s great cross. Pathetic

  11. Fans flicking off our players. I mean i get it, but not a good look.

  12. We need leadership on the pitch. That is totally lacking without Pareja or Carrico. Those players need to get back on the pitch urgently. What the hell is taking so long?

  13. Brian says:

    Well that’s 4 games in now for the new coach and things are going from bad to worse. Keep this up and we will be looking at relegation.
    There’s something seriously wrong with the attitude of some of our players, they look disinterested, plus Rico has gone from being deservedly on the brink of the national team last season to looking like a terrified school boy playing against the big boys for the first time.

    We have lost our mojo big time.

  14. How do we get it back?

  15. Brian says:

    I have no idea Chris. I had thought that maybe it was Berizzo that had upset the apple cart by leaving N’zonzi out plus his constant rotations, but the attitude seems just as bad if not worse since his sacking. Does this team need some TLC or a big kick up the arse? Something is very wrong. I’ve read rumours that certain players are complaining of having to do longer training sessions under Montella than they did with Berizzo. (my heart bleeds for them)

  16. Edinho says:

    Maybe a tough match against a supposed rival in Atletico would wake these guys up to what ambition is supposed to look like.

  17. I don’t have any hope in this season when the board hire Montella.
    He is a joke.

  18. I don’t hold out much hope of getting anything from the copa games, avoiding an embarrassing defeat would be the best outcome

  19. Brian says:

    Anything less than a 5-0 defeat on Wednesday will be a bonus

  20. ShendM says:

    Regardless of how absurd it might sound, but I like the collective ‘pessimism’ as a sign of protest regarding the recent management decisions, starting from appointing Montella.

    A coach that has his agent tell us that he accepted a ‘pay cut’ to come here, as this was a charity work or something, is never good to begin with.

    What’s even worse, Montella wasn’t even that good of a player in his professional football career. Honestly, Inzaghi was much better, now do the math.

    This club needs a good revamp. Moreover, it needs a long-term project starting from the 2018-19 season, with the hope that we are at least in EL.

    Bring a serious manager, sell or loan out some players that do not deserve to wear this shirt, even sack Arias if necessary and bring in a serious long-term thinking sportive director who actually accepts blame and criticism and doesn’t end up saying something like: “I don’t think it’s that bad to be honest” (Arias declaration summed up).

    The right manager for Sevilla would first work to instilling tactical discipline within the team. The players need to be patient, just like Villarreal was against RM on Saturday. We need those counters of the Emery era urgently, can’t breathe without them. Counter attacking and exciting football is what made a lot of us here fall in love with Sevilla, so we sense it very well when that ‘mojo’ (as Brian says) is lost.

    Also I really hope that someone from the management is reading our comments and having the best intentions in mind for the club. At the point that the club is in, mercenaries are not needed, rather people who give their all for the club and work hard to make it a big one.

    If we don’t make the step to becoming a big club (close to Atletico at least), we will always remain the 4-th or 5th best team in La Liga and never achieve something big.

    We the fans, all the Sevillistas around the world do not deserve it. We invested a lot of time and emotions into the club, so we want something back. Now of course, we don’t expect Sevilla to regularly fight for the La Liga title and regularly reach CL quarters and Semis, even the best clubs in the world sometimes do not reach that, however, seeing the players not interesting in playing and not fighting 100%, leaving their souls in the pitch, that is not what Sevilla is made of, most definitely not.

  21. Edinho says:

    For sure Pippo was better. But were you really saying Simone Inzaghi was better? LOL

    Simone is a terrific coach btw.

  22. I’ve got a second dentists appointment for tomorrow at 7:30 not realising that Sevilla would be playing at 7:00.

    The questions is, should I go ahead with the three fillings without anaesthetic or cancel the appointment to watch Sevilla?:open_mouth:

  23. Tough call because I’m not sure which will be more painful

  24. Dang beat me to the joke. :slight_smile:

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