Diego Capel to Sporting Lisbon


Farewell to the Dead Man

Diego Capel is apparently sold.  According to two reliable internet sources, which usually don’t get ahead of themselves, we have completed a deal that has been agreeable to the player and both clubs.  Sporting Clube de Portugal will be the new home of Señor Capel.

“Wow, Sevilla sold another young, talented player from their youth system?  That’s great!  They get top dollar for their boys, don’t they!” -average soccer fan

“Uhhhh…  €3.5 million euros for a cantera player with upward trajectory?” -sevilla fans (if i may)

To tell the whole story, there are additional stipulations that could see Sevilla making more money when Capel is involved in future successes at Sporting.  For example, every season that Sporting classifies for the Champions League will move another €200.000 to Nervión.  Also included is a 20% kickback of the future sale of the player if he is to leave Lisbon.  Capel is 23 years old and fresh off Spain’s Under-21 European Championships victory (you figure out the math).  Starting with the 07-08 season, Capel played 31 matches (22 starts), 32 (15), 29 (14) and 27 (17).  During those four seasons he scored six goals.  I can’t find an assist count right now, but it’s probably around a dozen.  For the last four seasons he has been alternating consistently with Diego Perotti on the left, but with increasing regularity Perotti has been preferred to start.  The arrival of Manu del Moral and the growth/resigning of Luis Alberto from Sevilla Atlético seem to be the biggest factors in this transfer.  For what it’s worth, and to stoke the fire, his transfer value has been rated at around £7.

Hmmm!  Discuss!