Adriano to Barca, 10m to Sevilla

Haven’t found it anywhere but Marca yet, but apparently we’ve sold Adriano to Barca for 10 million euros. As with all transfer business, in some ways you can’t really examine a deal like this until the end of the transfer season (and in the case of Sevilla, sometimes even longer since the money they got could well go to a player we’ve never heard of but who turns out to be awesome this year or next). If it’s true, though, and just looking at this particular transaction, what do you all think? Is this a good idea? Did we get a good deal?

Personally, 10 million seems like a pretty fair price for Adriano, who had a somewhat quiet year for us last year but who in my opinion is in no way past it. Barca are one of the great overpayers, and we usually drive a pretty hard bargain, so I wouldn’t have been shocked to see the price a bit higher, but again, 10m seems fair. On the field, without knowing who will replace him (or for that matter how desperately we needed the money), this kind of hurts. Adriano’s a great player who when healthy provided us with versatility and quality all over the field. I trust Del Nido, but I also think we’ll need more coming in than who we currently have to adequately restock the team.

So, any thoughts on what this means for the team? Are we definitely planning on Sánchez being able to play? Looking at someone else? Let your thoughts be known!