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Monchi’s Men is a Sevilla FC blog. We have all become fans of the club for a variety of reasons, and most of us here are readers/posters on the blog. There is no single administrator of this site, rather we all contribute to the conversation. This place tends to feel like a niche-oriented forum in the layout of a blog. Fans of all teams and all languages are welcome, but if you speak English and you follow Sevilla FC, this is the place to be!

Site Rules:
1)    Play nice with others. 6bd05351a84f137604aad038ba407444
This should be fairly simple.  This is the only rule.
This is a place for fans of the glorious Sevilla FC to debate and discuss their beloved team.  Participants are encouraged to debate, celebrate, and criticize players, coaches, results, and management of the team.  Feel free to disagree and argue over these differences in opinion.
Be respectful.  There is absolutely no reason to make disagreements of opinion personal.  Doing so will result in a yellow card warning.  Swearing at or demonstrating abusive language at anyone else on this site will result in a red card.
Feel free to contact any of the site’s management if you are concerned about conduct exhibited on the site or have any questions.
With that aside.


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  1. I’ve tried to find more about the financial situation of Sevilla FC. But once I read in 2009, that Sevilla FC is debt free, with only two other clubs (Almeria en Recreativo de Huelva). And for example English wikipedia reports a 34 million debt in 2010. So I’m very interested if anyone knows more about this

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      1. Sharine makes a really good point.

        Maybe this is at the heart of our struggles to qualify for European competition this season.

  3. I mentioned this in a previous post. I just want to express sincere thanks for all the contributors to this incredible blog. The knowledge that is portrayed on SFC and wider Spanish football is of a very high standard. If the blog can be enhanced into anything more, such as an International Forum, or could we re-brand as the International SFC Supporters Club, or perhaps have ourselves as an official Peña? Overall, I really value the blog, and appreciate all the views partaken.
    Take a look at this re a Malaga International Supporters Club.
    Un abrazo fuerte para todos..Vamos mi Sevilla, Vamos Campeon!!!!

  4. If Seville make the Europa League final then I can sort someone out with a cheap flight from London to Basel, £48 (plus name change fees) May 18-19

    drop me a line if interested