A Thousand Miles an Hour: Thoughts on Sevilla – Espanyol

Fans did a lot of wincing and chest-pounding as Sevilla rode six (6!) goals to a 6-4 win yesterday. Marca called it “an homage to football.” The dozen near-goals, turnovers, bicycle kicks, deft interplay, etc has them ringing pretty close to true. I watched astonished as the score changed every ten minutes on my live app. Here’s a glimpse at my thoughts during the game chatting with fellow MMer Jeremy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.11.36 AM

We hadn’t scored six goals in LaLiga since 1979. But there were so many that didn’t quite find the net. Vietto showed very well but was denied twice by an at times excellent Roberto, once on a point blank pull back and another on a stunning overhead kick that he pushed off the bar. Commenters here have already digested the main points, so I’m not going to linger too much on who performed and who needs to perform better, but you can guess from the score sheet that we looked like sprightly fawns in attack (all limbs, unpredictably graceful and gangly) and ..whatever slow, sad deer look like in defense. We played what seemed like a 2-1-3-3 at times with Vitolo and Mariano pushed waaaaayy up the field, Pareja/Mercado with Nzonzi in front of the back and Vázquez free to roam through the middle.

It was just fucking awesome. And then sometimes no, it was not at all awesome. BUT THEN IT WOULD BE AWESOME AGAIN! These swings are what we’ll probably expect but maybe never get used to this season, but goddam I’m excited for the next match at Villarreal! Sampaoli has something really terrifying and wonderful going here.

A couple of clips I snipped, the first of Sarabia having the coolest muthafuckin head on the field as he no-looks his assist to Ben Yedder’s eventual game-winner.


The second is some sublime interplay between Kiyotake, Vietto, and Vázquez on the right flank. These dudes have been playing together for a MONTH, and they’re basically doing a well-coordinated dressage routine out there.


Anyway, I’ll leave you with a really critical poll. We all won the world yesterday, but who did it BEST?

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