A Self-critique

Who are we?

a. A mid-table club with huge recent successes

b. A top club who is now in crisis

c. 11 men with a vague idea of football

The answer to this question probably depends on when we became fans of Sevilla. Fans who have come to the club in the last 6 years probably have a different perspective (if not a different answer) than those who have been around for a decade or more. Personally, I am constantly reassessing my understanding of the many narratives that are thrown out when discussing Sevilla’s place in La Liga. It’s appropriately hard for any Sevilla fan to hide his/her discontent with the current “underachieving” squad, even when this is exactly the achievement that Sevilla has had for decades. We must ask: by whose standards is this team to be judged? By those of the teams of recent years or by those of the last 4-5 decades of Sevilla football?

It’s becoming clearer to me that the affición in general is a bit too sensitive to dips in form. We enjoyed unprecedented glories during a four year period, and now failing to continue that gets us whistled off the field. Have we been spoiled? I think so. From the attitude of the afición (whistles throughout the match two weeks ago) to the many commenters I read around different blogs, everyone expects the trophy party to continue, and since it hasn’t they have been turning on their own. Maybe this is something all clubs go through when they have their first tastes of real success and recognition.

It’s up to the fans to decide what kind of afición they want to be. I’ll probably always prefer measured support over kicking and screaming petulance. This message came down today from Sevilla’s leading fan group and I pass it along to all of us:


Hemos disfrutado mucho con nuestro Sevilla FC en los últimos años. Hemos alcanzado éxitos inimaginables hace una década, hemos conquistado títulos -hasta seis-, y en todos estos logros ha sido fundamental la participación de la afición.

Ahora toca sufrir, ahora el equipo necesita de nosotros y tenemos que demostrar que seguimos siendo igual de sevillistas o más que cuando tocábamos la gloria. Somos los aficionados los que tenemos que tomar la iniciativa para dar la vuelta al rumbo del equipo y llevarlo nuevamente a la senda de las victorias.

Por este motivo la Federación de Peñas Sevillistas “San Fernando” hace un llamamiento a los aficionados y peñistas para que en el próximo partido ante Osasuna se vuelquen con el equipo mediante una masiva asistencia al estadio y el ánimo constante a los jugadores como sólo esta afición sabe hacerlo.

Nuestro futuro está en manos de los jugadores, pero también en las nuestras.”


We have enjoyed many things with our Sevilla FC in recent years. We have achieved unimaginable successes this last decade, we have won titles – six in all -, and in all of these successes the participation of the afición has been fundamental.

Now we are suffering, now the team needs us and we have to show that we continue to be just as passionate (if not more) as when we reached glory. We the fans must take the initiative to get the team back on the right path and to carry it to victory once again.

Because of this the Sevilla Fan Federation “San Fernando” sends out this call to fans and groups to make sure that this coming match against Osasuna they throw themselves behind the team in massive attendance and constant support as only the afición knows how.

Our future is in the hands of the players, but also in our own.

What say you?