A POR LA REMONTADA!!! Porto – Sevilla Match Comments

Two hours to kickoff in a game that, with a victory, will be seen as a huge turning point in our season and keep us in the running for winning any silverware this year. Or, with a loss will leave us wading waist-high through a pile of “crisis” headlines as we stumble to the end of the season, hoping only for the non-failure result of 7th place in La Liga.


Sevilla showed bundles of quality last week, but a lack of sharpness in front of goal and two catastrophic defensive lapses left us in a huge hole. As SRH noted, we need goals, badly, and since conceding early won’t really change anything (in that two goals from us wouldn’t result in a loss), we’ll be best suited to come out guns blazing. Obviously, if we can manage a goal in the first 15′, the game gets very interesting and suddenly very tense for Os Dragaos.


I should be able to see almost the entire game today, so if you’re going to be around, I will see you here.