A New Scapegoat?

We’ve reached an agreement for the rest of the season with Michel, the Getafe coach who was let go last summer when they barely escaped relegation. Will this help us?

Reading through several posts and comment sections today, one thought really stood out to me: Before 2007, we had coaches like Aragones, Camacho, and Juande, who were all great coaches but of Sevilla teams that didn’t aspire much higher than mid-table due to our modest rosters. Now that we have a roster that we feel is Champions League quality, we continue to hire managers that have never aspired to much more than modest, non-relegation success.

This summer it may come down to selling a player (Perotti?) in order to buy a coach with some pedigree. Without a sale, we will continue to incline to the mid-table in search of the next Juande. While this strategy with players works out sometimes (buy low and unknowns and develop them), “it works out sometimes” isn’t an appropriate philosophy for hiring a head coach. Hiring an aspiring but relatively unproven coach is akin to buying Acosta, except that we can’t loan out the coach when he fails to produce wins; we must fire him. This cycle must end.

Can we afford Rafa Benitez or a coach of similar experience and nerve? Surely the administration isn’t content to continue this trend of making the prudent and/or status-preserving hire (Jimenez, Alvarez, Manzano, Marcelino and Michel), and yet they sing praises every time we hire a new decent-yet-unheralded coach. If money is the object, maybe it’s time to sell so that we can buy good coaching.

But that doesn’t even begin to answer the harder questions: Where’s the passion? Where are the goals? How much falls on Marcelino and how much on the players? Who leads this team if the coach cannot?