A new narrative: Sevilla 1-0 Hércules


Can you believe we were hugging each other at the end of a match?  It’s been a while.

This is important: an opponent played a full 90+ against our defense and failed to score.  That’s happened once in our previous seven matches.  Wow!

So I’m just gonna translate Marca’s postmatch blurb to give you all an idea:

“A very important victory for Sevilla against a stubborn Hércules, who allow the Sevillans to climb up to 7th place, which opens the doors to the Europa League this year.  Rakitic tallied the only goal after Negredo chested it down for him to shoot.  Sevilla could have put it away in the first half, but ended up suffering in the second half.  Trezeguet nearly tied it in Hércules’s best chance, but Javi Varas, substituting for the injured Palop, saved well pushing his shot wide for a corner.  Negredo, as active as he was unlucky when it came to putting it away, came up against Catalayud in his best chance of the second half.”

Man of the match candidates: Rakitic, Negredo, Navas and Capel.  Also Navarro played very well, I thought.  I guess there should be a defender up for consideration seeing as we got the clean sheet.  Statistics are misleading here, because in spite of Hércules’s 54% possession, they only got off 7 shots to our 17.  This is a good way to get up for Porto, who had the weekend off.  We’re gonna come hug each other in YOUR stadium now!  That’s what we’re gonna do!