A Look In To Sevilla FC’s Loaned Out Players – October Update

Here is a quick look in to our loaned out players through the first few games of the 2016 season:

Juan Munoz – Zaragoza

Games Played: 6
Games Started: 2
Total Minutes: 227
Goals: 1
Yellow Cards: 1
Red Cards: 0

Cristóforo – Fiorentina

Games Played: 2
Games Started: 0
Total Minutes: 25
Goals: 0
Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0

Konoplyanka – Schalke 04

Games Played: 3
Games Started: 1
Total Minutes: 122
Goals: 0
Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0

Antonio Romero – MÉRIDA

Games Played: 6
Games Started: 4
Total Minutes: 399
Goals: 1
Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0

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  1. Interesting research Chris, thanks for that.

    It’s good that the ones coming back (without buying options) are doing better in terms of stats at least.

    A pity that we loaned/sold Cristoforo, but can’t do anything about it now. Hopefully we’ll reinforce in January in the DM department.

    In other news, we will be playing against Boca Juniors in RSP on 11th of November, a match valid for the Antonio Puerta Trophy. That time will be the third and last international break for this year (thankfully no more breaks until late March 2017). It will be a good opportunity for those not involved with NT’s to keep their match fitness and experiment a bit with the lineup against a tough opponent like Boca Jr.

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  4. Anyone from the US near the places where Hurricane Matthew hit? Hopefully everyone is warm and safe out there….

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      I think all of our guys are out of the storm area. Eddie is in Miami, but the storm hit north of there. Hopefully everyone is safe.

      Does anyone know how to get the Sevilla Atletico games on a stream?

  5. No idea about the streams. I was watching the first half on Gol+, now switched to some NT action. The first half was not bad…. kind of end to end match, and the guys showed that they can beat Zaragoza with a bit of luck in the second. Matos Garcia (nr.3) stood out from the rest with some great breakthroughs from the full back position to the midfield… he is quite fast.

  6. two goals from Ivi! and munoz had zaragozas only goal 🙂

    but we take all three points. that’s pretty huge for these guys who have played well but only been able to win once up to now.

    congrats sev. atl!!!

  7. Great victory against a tough opponent. Too bad Sevilla Atletico cannot join La Liga, they deserve it more than some relegation zone teams in the top flight lol.

    3 Sevillistas scored… how beautiful!

  8. its pretty incredible what sevilla atletico are doing. teams behind them in the standing presently include: Valladolid, Tenerife, Getafe, Mallorca, and Almeria, all of whom have recently made appearances in La Primera.

    loving what they’re doing and hope they can keep it up. plus, its fun to have a team in the segunda to root for during these AWFUL international breaks.

    1. I watch Spain matches occasionally (it’s always boring games with them totally dominating), and NT interesting matches now and then. Just as I thought it will become exciting with my country participating for the first time ever in WC qualifiers (Kosovo – joined FIFA and UEFA 5 months ago officially), they go on and lose 0-6 to Croatia. Hopefully they fix the pathetic defense soon (they played Sampaoli style, with only 1 pure DM and weak back line, a 4-1-4-1 attacking formation). Next match vs. Ukraine tomorrow at 6 PM, hopefully something worth watching. It’s my country anyway, so will be passionately rooting for them even if they lose every match 20-0, but I dream of my NT to make me love NT breaks again. I used to in the past… but now… we have so much exciting Sevilla times ahead, I just can’t wait before the club action restarts.

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    2. Thanks Rene… another pathetic loss though. But still an improvement after the 6-0 shock vs. Croatia. Will do better next time surely.

      Regarding that article… this is what the google translate comes up with:

      “You shall not call it by its name, which comes Monchi and entered into your notebook”.

      No single clue whatsoever about this….

  9. That’s how I read it jolazo although I couldn’t name you any of their players. I also read elsewhere that Leganes are thinking of changing their name to Leganes de Madrid to up their profile.

  10. hahah! i love that marketing profile. that’s was my impression but i wasnt sure. monchi is like the boogie man. and what a hilarious response!

  11. im really happy that Gameiro is finally getting his very overdue chance to play for France. he has absolutely deserved it and sounds like he’s doing well.

    but it also pisses me off that it’s not until he joins atleti that he gets that chance. like he needed to graduate from sevilla before the national team would say he’s finally earned it.

    with that said, vitolo is tearing it up in spain but still… anyway, just bickering and being bitter because i hate the international break

  12. kiyotake came on in the 81st minute for japan in their 1-1 tie v australia.

    im hoping he doesnt come back from this trip as tired as he did after his first… really messed up his promising early rhythm where he was one of our best players.

    1. The traveling screws the players’ energy. Thankfully we don’t count much on Kranevitter, but Mercado fully played in the last match of Argentina (they lost at home).

      We need everyone 100% vs. Leganes who will park the bus for sure.

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  14. Anyone else awake out there for this game today? Let’s come back right with a road win once and for all!!

  15. Dunno what’s worse. My stomach at 630 am after eating drunken taco bell last night or our performance so far

  16. 15 minutes in. 6 shots to 0. They’ve had two breakaways where they should’ve scored easily. We seem more concerned with passing it 30 times behind midfield than actually getting close to goal

  17. The fact Leganes have had 5 or 6 shots in 20 minutes and we have had nothing but useless going no where possession!

  18. 0 shots by our forwards but 1 goal from Vazquez and 45 minutes away from ending the 17 month road curse. Sadly I’m leaning more towards thinking it’ll end 1-1 than us winning it, even though we seemed to fix our bad defensive lapses and didn’t give up any easy opportunities after a brutal opening to the first half. Prove me wrong chicos!

  19. That Luciano striker of theirs…. even an average striker would’ve put those 3 clear chances into the net, let alone a decent striker.

    We were very lucky not to concede on those occasions. Happy to score, but can we hold on to the 3 points?

    A second goal would seal the match. Let’s do this!


  20. Started watching 20 min in…
    Stats said we had 65% possession and 0 attempts on goal vs Leganes’ 6. Thankful i missed that start i guess…

    But so very grateful for this halftime lead. Excited to see how this plays out.

    Also to those watching, has Ben Yedder been playing out on the right since the start, or only after we scored?

    Btw Eddie, Taco Bell always gives me a stomach ache regardless. McDonalds is my go-to drunk food move.

  21. Leganes came back out the gates with gun blazing. Scary

    Edinho a part of me wants to lose this game so I don’t have to make taco bell a pre-road game tradition lol

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    Are you kidding me? I turn this on in the 60′ and now it’s tied. maybe I should go back to bed. So much for a defensive sub holding the lead.

  23. wow what the fuck just happened? it’s too early to play with my emotions and my stomach like this

  24. Vazquez being out probably means we won’t have much of a midfield connection the rest of the game so let’s hope for the tie and then maybe just start forfeiting road liga games to save ourselves for champs league and the pizjuan

  25. Are we under the assumption that taking a lead means that we don’t have to protect it? Here comes Ganso…I feel like this is the nail in the coffin for us tbh

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  27. Historical 3 points away from home in La Liga. A cause for celebration!

    However, what worries me is the near FT statistics that showed up. Leganes ran their hearts out the whole match, but surprisingly, we covered only 2 km less than them in distance, meaning, we also ran a helluva lot!

    We shouldn’t complicate things and give away cozy leads like the one we had today, in silly ways. This will cost us with extra fatigue and not being able to give 100% in matches against way tougher opponents. Leganes was nothing special and only our team is to blame for letting that 2-0 slip from the hands. Lucky shot in the first conceded goal, but in the second, Rico should’ve done way better there.

    Nevertheless, important 3 points today, and a screamer from Sarabia! 2 assists from Vietto, Ben Yedder not having a good day.. but to be honest, he didn’t have any delivery either.

    Would like to see Ganso play full time vs. Dinamo Zagreb on Tuesday, along with Sarabia and Kiyotake.

    All the players did extremely well today and can’t solely blame anyone for that slippery after 2-0 (except Rico a bit, tiny bit), but in overall it was a decent performance. I just wish we would be able to do more with all that possession that we have…. and not keep the ball mostly in our half. We need to attack more, especially vs. sides like Leganes.

    Kudos to Sampaoli for playing with 2 strikers in an away match! I’m starting to like him seriously now!


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    Who do you take out if it’s that lineup ShendM? I mean this is a critical game in the group. We have to take all three points to have a shot in my opinion. The only rotation I want to see is to see Iborra playing a natural position.

    1. It was a decent formation. I’d add Kiyotake for Iborra, Ganso for Mudo and Sarabia for Vitolo or Nasri. We need our starters fresh vs. Atletico. Maybe even Kiyotake for N’Zonzi ?

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        I wouldn’t mind some of the wing players to get a break, N’zonzi has to play. Maybe switch to just 1 striker. BTW, we have to get a striker in January with CF done for a while.

  29. Wow. With the 4am start I missed this one and clearly that’s too bad. The curse is lifted!!!

    Sounds like we weren’t necessarily very convincing and again a pretty weak start. So ganso played well? Nasri? Clearly sarabia had an impact as a sub…. Unbelievably happy gazing at the table right now. Enjoying our few hours ok first 🙂

    1. Ganso did alright for the 10 last minutes we has in. He is at least not playing very bad compared to the first couple of performances.

      Nasri as Nasri…. one of the best players in the pitch and always working hard. Sarabia is going to be the joker of our season… we seem to transform and win almost always when he comes in. What a beautiful goal from him today… still have the image of that goal in mind, and will not forget it for a long time for sure.

    2. nice. glad to hear all of that. yeah, its rare that a guy takes a shot from outside the box and you look at it and say “keeper didnt have a prayer”, but that’s exactly what happened. it wasnt a high powered blast either, it was just PERFECTLY placed/curled inside that far post. a thing of beauty. definitely some competition for those midfield spots right now.

  30. just saw some highlights. great, perfectly weighted cross from vietto on that first goal. and then great overall run on that second from escudero and awareness from vietto laying it off to nasri.

    and sarabia’s goal… damn.

    but what in the world was rico doing on that second goal? if he was just covering his post that’s not a goal… he should’ve trusted mariano a bit more… though it sounds like he bailed us out a few times in the first half so we shouldn’t be overly critical of his overall performance (?)

    how was vitolo today? he’s been playing well for spain, but i feel like his last few matches for us havent been up to the (extremely high) standard we’ve set of him.

    atleti went behind 0-1 to granada. now up 3-1. or moment in first may be coming to a sad close 🙁

    they are a very very very good team. realistically… breaking into the top 3 is a very long shot for us even if everything goes right. but still, its great to be accumulating points and fighting for CL spots from a spot of advantage instead of trying to catch up in march and april.

  31. ill add that, although the curse was about domestic league, getting an away win before a HUGE away match in CL v. dynamo is absolutely massive. if we get 3 points away at dynamo then we will be in very good position in our group. if we get 6 points against dynamo (our next two CL matches) that already might be enough to go through.

    its so hard to know how to prioritize the next few matches. away dynamo. home atleti…. honestly, im guessing some rotation away at dynamo. maybe a bit more defensive… but hard to say. its too bad carlos fernandez is hurt because it would’ve been a good opportunity for him.

    anyway, so happy to have real football back and its going to be a fascinating few weeks (before the next, insufferable break in november).

    1. We might get one or two canteras for the Dinamo match… at least as subs, then to be subbed later on in the match. Sevilla Atletico is doing tremendously well, and calling 1-2 best players from the B team will surely sky-rocket their confidence which would impact their progress a lot.

  32. atleti end up with 7 goals. daaaaamn. and oddly, griezmann and gameiro accounted for zero of them (maybe they had some assists, i dont know). that team is very very frightening. there’s absolutely no reason they couldnt win la liga this year. and/or the CL for that matter.

    1. Damn. I hope that Atletico will get more tired than us in their match vs. Rostov midweek. A travel to Russia will surely be more tiring than a travel to Zagreb. I suppose they’ll also rest a couple of starters in that match and prepare 100% for us in the weekend.

      I’d take a draw vs. this very in-form Atletico… but a loss would’ve been unacceptable, especially in the fortress called RSP!

  33. Yes! Our heroes in the segunda snatched a late 0-1 win AWAY at Córdoba with an 88th minute goal from Borja lasso.


  34. crap. everyone in the top 6 won this week. gotta sprint just to stay in place 🙂

    of course, getting a win away was still pretty huge for us. atleti only managed a tie away at leganes. (barca thrashed them). im guessing they’ll force some of our competitors to drop points by the end of the season.

  35. I don’t know what your takeaways from the match are, but mine are that we should never write another away match comments post. Obviously been holding back our form on the road..

    1. absolutely agreed. no more la liga away game previews until our flawless streak of taking full points from away matches is broken. one match and counting!!!!