7 Games Left

So here we are.  7 weeks left and a LOT still at stake.  Namely, a champions league spot and a Copa del Rey championship.

I was hoping we’d get some help from Valencia so that we could get some distance between us and Mallorca, but Mallorca continued their home form and put us back into a tie for fourth.  On one hand, we still own fourth because we beat Mallorca twice head to head and now are within 5 points of Valencia.  On the other, I was really hoping Mallorca would drop points there because the back end of our remaining schedule is harder than Mallorca’s and I’m not confident we can catch Valencia.

Here are the remaining games for us, Valencia, and Mallorca:

Valencia (56 points, 3 home and 4 away):

Bilbao, @Real, Deportivo, @Espanyol, Xerez, @Villareal, @Tenerife

Sevilla (51 points, 3 home and 4 away):

@Valladolid, Gijon, @Getafe, Atletico, @Racing, Barcelona, @Almeria

Mallorca (51 points, 4 home and 3 away):

@Zaragoza, Osasuna, Malaga, @Bilbao, Real, @Depor, Espanyol

Here’s what I think:

Valencia goes 3-2-2 for (11 points) losing away to Real and Villareal and dropping points in two others.  Finish with 70 points in third.

Sevilla goes 4-2-1 for (13 points) losing to Barcelona and possibly Getafe away and a tie elsewhere.

Mallorca also goes 4-2-1 for (13 points) losing to Real and away to Bilbao or Getafe and tying another…

Ultimately, I’m optimistically predicting that we go through on tie breaker…  And honestly…. I have no clue.  Mallorca is in pretty good form, and Sevilla is showing signs of life but I still don’t really trust them.  Valencia I think is too far ahead to catch.  So I think we’ll edge into the 4th spot but its gonna be down to the wire, and its why I was REALLY hoping that Valencia would help us out today.

As for the Copa…  We’re winning that.  And should my optimistic projections prove true, we can call this an excellent season for Sevilla, bizarre and unpredictable as it was.

Your projections?