Bilbao Post-Mortem

Our run of generally confounding and uninspiring form continues.

That we picked up our first loss of the season away at San Mames isn’t particularly surprising.  What’s more troubling to me is seeing a team look so disjointed and without a sense of strategy or purpose.  That was not a strong Bilbao team and we could’ve done better.

It’s too bad, because I’d hoped that our fantastic result (if not performance) in the derby might’ve inspired us to greater performances.  If you missed the guest post/recap from Colin Milar then go back and read it.  It’s awesome.  But, unfortunately, Betis would not prove to be the galvanizing launch pad to lead us to our first away win in A YEAR AND A GODDAMN HALF.

There were a few good signs.  Nasri looked great and deservedly got our goal.  Mercado still looked good.  And…  After then, it gets thin.  Correa really didn’t contribute much of anything.  Fernandez didn’t seem to fit the system.  Kranevitter was nowhere near the midfield boss we need in that position.  Sirigu losing his mind (though Aduriz is a cheap bastard) and getting a red card.  It’s getting a bit discouraging.

Anyway, don’t mean to be too negative or down, but at the moment I’m not seeing much progress.  By no means panicked, it’s all still very early, but our pre-season and the Espanyol match suggested we at least had a style we were going to strive for.  I’m surprised Sampaoli abandoned it so early.  Yeah, we lost to Barca and Real Madrid, so does everyone.  I think playing that in your face style as we did against Espanyol would steamroll teams like Eibar or even Bilbao and we’d end up doing very well in La Liga.  With this tepid, disjointed style we’re playing now… I’m not so sure.  Hopefully the team shows more midweek at the RSP against Lyon.