2018 Fifa World Cup Official Chat

Come join the Monchi’s Men members and chat about the World Cup! Who’s going to win? Who’s going to win the Golden Boot? The first game has started, so come on over and chat about the cup.

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  1. Russia dominating, Saudi looking like they are wanting to play now. The second goal by Russia was really pretty.

  2. Oh and this whole exchange made me laugh…


    “Sorry, Putin paid me more.”

  3. I’ve watched two of Morocco’s warm-up games and they’ve looked exceptional, a bit worrying being a Spanish fan. I’ve also got a theory about Japan being a major force in international football before too long, they got a hiding in 2014 and they’re in a difficult group this year, but they are improving rapidly.

    Semis - Brazil Spain Germany Argentina depending on the draw which I haven’t studied.

    Winner Spain

    I’ve got a real downer on England and France, just don’t think they’ve got the attitude right. By the same token, if Spain lose tonight they could have a ‘real’ disaster of a competition.

    Golden boot will go to Messi, Neymar will probably get injured again.

    Also forecast that Chris will be supporting Mexico being the closest country :grinning: dont forget to set the alarm clock for those early morning games Chris.

  4. Best keeper in the world…

  5. I predicted a 0-0. It was a derby so perhaps the craziness was to be expected, but not at this level. Ronaldo really wants this. And Diego Costa finally showed that Spain needs him. And who had Iran leading the group after the 1st round of games. I love this already!

  6. My top 3 are: Spain, Argentina and Croatia.

    Spain didn’t seem quite united last night and it will take a miracle for them to win the WC. Croatia might go far but I’d really love for Argentina to win it because of Messi, the guy deserves a CL and then we can all die in peace :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. Nobody can write off Croatia, lots of quality players, but what a tough group with Argentina and Nigeria.

    Here are the odds on winning the tournament, you have a bet on Croatia while Russia gets my outsider bet at 67-1

    Brasil 5.5

    Alemania 6

    España 7

    Francia 8

    Argentina 11

    Bélgica 11

    Inglaterra 19

    Portugal 23

    Uruguay 29

    Croacia 41

    Colombia 46

    Rusia 67

  8. Feel like we deserved a point against the French! Wouldn’t say they played any better than us but got a little lucky.

    France diving squad have to be the most overrated at the cup. Also well done to Iceland!

    Spain and Portugal head and shoulders above the rest at this point.

  9. I do not like :mexico: because of the :us: rivalry, but that was well deserved. Layun looked good at rw except for the finishing

  10. Yeah, Layun really excelled apart from 2 poor shots.

    I’m beginning to think that this world cup might break the status quo, but lets see how Brazil do before getting too excited.

    With Germany and Argentina stumbling at the first hurdle it could indicate some sort of revolution in the football hierarchy, which would be welcomed by me, certainly I’m fed up of Germany winning on penalties.

    And then there’s Iceland, population 380,000 doing major damage to established football nations. Every manager of football should be studying the Iceland system, how on earth can they play at that level. It looks like Euro 2016 was not a lucky streak for Iceland, they had to qualify and qualify for the world cup, something Turkey and Italy couldn’t do.

  11. Spain have gone to second favourite while Germany have gone from 6-1 to 9-1 3rd favourite.

    I’ll be at the coast for most of summer now, not much internet there just the occasional ‘Welcome to Morocco’ message when the GPS goes crazy.

  12. Brian says:

    ochoa in goal for Mexico made some great saves, as he did in the last world cup and looked yet again a world class keeper.

    So how come when he played for Malaga & Granada he was so bad?

  13. So many upsets.

  14. Sampaoli and Argentina lost the plot? Seems like a lot of in house politics and fighting

  15. Nigeria provided a second chance for Argentina, so hopefully they’ll at least pass the group stage and then we can see more of Banega (a pity to leave him on the bench and have mediocre players like Meza start).

  16. Here’s something to think about. How many host nations have won the world cup?
    Uruguay won the first in Uruguay
    Italy won the second in Italy
    and so it goes …

    England won in England, W.Germany in W,Germany
    Argentina in Argentina, France in France

    Six of the 20 world cups have been won by the host nation, that’s 30%.

  17. You think Russia has a chance to win this one?

  18. Morocco criminal, no way they’ll finish with 11 players. Red cards second half.

  19. Wow, did Portugal conced a penalty with Spain losing to try and put Spain out? At the same minute Spain equalized through Aspas. It would have finsished with 4 points for Spain and Iran if Spain hadn’t equalised. I don’t know how they resolve that, Anyone???

  20. Banega and Mercado save Argentina with some beautiful assists - they live to fight another day!

  21. And Germany out… this is an interesting world cup.

  22. What a great World Cup so far. My teams are out except for Spain.

    Are there any folks that you wish Sevilla would purchase after watching the games?

  23. Also, with the round of 16 confirmed, all 6 Sevilla players (Banega, Mercado, Nzonzi, Kjær, Layún & Muriel) have moved on. Not sure how this compares to other clubs, but 6/6 is not too shabby.

  24. Farewell Messi and Ronaldo, terrific events, great world cup, no trouble, good playing surfaces (just a bit slippy at times), great stadiums and atmosphere, surprising results.
    Portugal, Germany and Argentina out. Happy days.

  25. Sevilla 3 for 3 on pens

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