2017 Sevilla FC Fifa (The Video Game) Player Rankings

Early trials of Fifa 17 began yesterday before the official release next week on the 27th. Here is a look at how our players are ranked according to the folks at Fifa. What are your thoughts? And if you play Fifa, add your username and console choice to the comments and maybe we can get a game in.

Iborra – 82
Vázquez – 82
N’Zonzi – 82
Vitolo – 82
Nasri – 82
Rami – 82
Sirigu – 82
Trémoulinas – 81
Carrico – 81
Krohn-Dehli – 81
Ganso – 81
Ben Yedder – 80
Kolodziejczak – 80
Rico – 80
Kiyotake – 79
Vietto – 79
Mariano – 79
Sarabia – 78
Pareja – 77
Escudero – 77
Kranevitter – 77
Mercado – 76
Correa – 74
Soria – 73

Ratings from: http://www.futhead.com/17/clubs/sevilla-fc/

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    I mean pretty good by the Fifa guys overall. I think we are a little inflated in a few areas: Ganso, MKD, Krane, Kolo and a little under for guys like Vitolo, Soria, and maybe Mariano.

    1. Agreed. Ganso 81? LOL. I play Fifa 16 in PS4 mostly vs. friends (multiplayer) at home and sometimes online. I find matches vs. my friends more interesting because we have some understandings like: not wasting time, no penalties after ET (just rematch) and usually play who makes 5 wins has a 1 big win, and 5 big wins buys the other a nice dinner or some other incentive. Plus the people that I play with on multiplayer are really good at the game and do not play defensively with 1 up front or any crap like that, like a lot of online kids.

      I usually play with RM or Sevilla, and Sevilla sucks in overall in FIFA 16 (PS4). Banega is the best, the others just run around and not even close to their real level. I rate FIFA way more than PES currently and have been playing both since forever (FIFA since 1997 and PES/Winning Eleven/ISS since 2001-02).

      It’s good that we’re getting more recognition now even in video games and the overall level seems to be around 80+. Will have fun trolling my opponents with Mudo, Vitolo and Nasri!

      1. Oh and I’ve been recently using a quite an interesting 3-5-2 (or 3-2-2-1-2) formation with RM and this is the lineup:

        Keylor Navas

        Carvajal – Pepe – Ramos

        Marcelo Cristina

        James – Kroos


        Bale – Benzema

        And I’m kicking ass!

  2. I wish football video game will have the scientific mindset like NBA 2k one day, but that’s unlikely.

    Currently they assign the rating by the subjective feeling from a group of “rating specialists”.

    There’re so many easy way to improve the game hugely, like the “style of play” section from whoscored.com that simply calculated from stats.

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    2. Do you guys play any managerial games? I used to play Fifa Manager and still do to some extent (Fifa Manager 2013). It’s more fun and relaxing. Haven’t liked the Football Manager series… too limited and more complicated, didn’t have the patience to play it.

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      2. I used to play Championship Manager then Football Manager, but life commitments make that impossible these days.

        It was extremely addictive in its day though

        I barely have time for FIFA or PES (Winning Eleven) but usually buy the latest edition every year just to have for the odd night in pizza and beer with the lads

  3. I used to like playing pes/fifa but I don’t want to start any fights on which is better so I won’t say which one I played and which is “better”, we can go to facebook and different online forums for that 😉

    I didn’t think that much of football manager games but once I started playing I got hooked, I guess it’s closest to the reality in which you give the tactics and touchline shouts but in the end there are just so many things out of your control such as hidden attributes and their condition, yo u have to make the best of it and make substitutions or change tactics, I play it every year and use sevilla of course because the team always has places which require reinforcements with a limited budget. Like for 2016 I had to buy a centre back to shore up the defense, once I had some more money I went and signed andre carrillo on a free, bought palombo and andre mas and john guidetti. I sold vitolo to psg for 15M as he was crap in the game.

    I admit games such as fifa and pes are fun but they are totally under your control and may not reflect how teams really play in real life, another thing is the “overall rating”, like here it can be biased, is Kolo really that good? Is Mariano really a 79?, we have no idea of the weighting used by the developers and it may favor speed for all we know. I’d rather have a 8 point diagram to compare to my own needs.

    1. Kolo is definitely not a 80, but Mariano could even be 81 in my opinion. He was very decent last season, this one also so far, and he was requested by Barca before they signed Digne, so yeah, 79 is a deserved rating.