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  1. Ganso.. I’m still a fan. He has incredible skill and could potentially become one of our greatest players ever alongside Banega in the middle. I’m hoping he breaks out this year because he has the talent to unlock the best defense.

  2. Ganso or Montoya? I’ll go with what Darren said. Ganso’s just one of those talents. Judging from what Ganso said, he’s very eager to improve this year and meet expectations. But for me, it’s more faith than trust.

    As for Montoya, I have nothing against him. Although a good player to have with his versatility, having no defined role may not be a good thing for him. He’s also still fresh out of South American football. We could always loan him out to get some experience.

  3. After seeing the last 2 performances I’d sell Sarabia before Montoya, Sarabia is really out of sorts, there’s no easy explanation.

    Another pertinent question is who did Sevilla intend to sell? If they didn’t want to sell Vitolo then they probably intended to sell Nzonzi because that’s the business model, it’s a selling to grow model.

  4. Interesting points. The only reason I would keep Montoya over Ganso is the work rate during the match. Ganso surely might become more adaptable with Berizzo, rather than the imaginary role imposed by Sampaoli (the new “Pirlo” as he stated). However, Montoya is younger and we can benefit from him in the future. Although I’d be content with keeping Ganso to try him for another season or at least until January, and loaning Montoya out to have more minutes. That’d be a win-win situation I guess.

    Other than that, surely it was Vitolo’s wish to go to Atletico and play for his former club Las Palmas for 6 months, but a way way better deal would’ve been, as originally rumored, Vitolo for Zouma (loan) and Batshuayi and some cash. Batshuayi is a beast of a player and a splendid striker, while Zouma a proven defender and France NT regular before the injury last year.

  5. Seems like the debate for who’s staying (Ganso/Montoya) comes to an end today. It is revealed that Sevilla offered Fenerbahce 5 million euros and Montoya for Kjaer. Not sure why we need to include Montoya in such deal, when we can loan him without purchasing option and see if he improves with more playing time. We shouldn’t be quick to letting Montoya go.

  6. The club’s board decided that there will be 3-4 more signings.

    So let’s see here…. Kjaer (CB), Arana (LB), Navas (RW) ? and another striker or… ? Only the board knows!

  7. Jovetic’s name is still being floated around in the papers. Are we signing him or not? I know he’s a versatile forward who can play anywhere in a front 3, but do y’all think it would cause conflict with Ben Yedder & Muriel, who are around the same age? All I wanted this summer was his purchase option to be met, but now that we have Muriel, I feel there’s no room for a ‘Jovetic’. A younger option like Marc Gual that we can groom and would most likely get less minutes would have been my pick. Correa can also get playing time at that position, since he’s obviously gonna be the 2nd option at LW behind Nolito.

    Getting Jovetic would give us great depth at that position, but would it affect chemistry in a 1-striker system? I can see this turning into an Aspas/Immobile situation.

    1. Yeah I’m also quite in doubt about having a third striker, only ending up with 3 strikers of similar capabilities. It will definitely cause disruption, and we most certainly do not need it now for the new project. Everyone needs to be happy so that the locker room atmosphere is great… a crucial thing for the team to gel as soon as possible (newcomers).

      I’d give Gual a go…. as we have other options like you mentioned with even Correa being able to play a kind of a ‘false 9’ role, which might work in certain matches.

      The board mentioned 3-4 signings, though it is certain that we will sign at least: 1 CB, 1 LB and another RW to compete with Sarabia. There is already an offer on the table for Navas and his management is studying the offer while Sevilla are waiting for an official answer.

      1. The other mentioned names are Kjaer (CB) and Arana (LB). If it would be for the 4th signing, then it better be a proper defensive midfielder, a box-to-box one who will run a lot and cover a lot of space.

        In the contrary, if we truly want to sign a good forward, the go ahead with Bacca, while experimenting with WBY in the wings when needed, or playing with a 2 strikers formation so that everyone gets enough minutes.

        We still don’t have a killer striker who guarantees lots of goals, but with Bacca we can get close to that… unforunately not with Jovetic.

      2. What do you think about the N’Zonzi situation? I’m shocked we’ve held onto him for this long. It feels like Gameiro last year: we had him for so long, but when the offer came, he left. He obviously accepted cause he wanted to play for the National Team. I feel with N’Zonzi it can be the same, but the lack of offers & no call up for France after how he played last season, baffles me. No disrespect to Tolisso, but he even got a callup. And now his big move to Bayern will probably help that even further.

      3. It’s really a pity that N’Zonzi cannot make the France NT. Last year there were rumors that he will join DR Congo NT if they qualify for the World Cup 2018 (they have good chances to do so).

        N’Zonzi wants that WC so bad and that’s what I am fearing. Barca was rumored to make an offer but now they are focused on the Neymar saga…. if that goes through then they will definitely be in hunt for at least 3-4 players and N’Zonzi will be one of them for sure, if they don’t get Veratti in the meantime.

        We need N’Zonzi for the new project, as to be honest, there will not be enough time to find a proper replacement in the midfield… he has an immense role in our midfield. We literally have no other DM except N’Zonzi if we can call him a DM, even though he’s more of an CM type. Pizarro is also a CM and doesn’t do the defending duties well, while we have no one else after the departure of Iborra. Banega can play deep but he’s no the one to do Krycho’s role for instance.

  8. Even if we keep N’Zonzi, we’d still need a proper DM to consolidate the team (just like last season, when the management thought we’re all covered with Kranevitter, a big mistake). Meanwhile with N’Zonzis departure, I’m pretty pessimistic that we could find a decent CM, let alone another DM that we also need… it would be a huge chaos, especially after Vitolo’s betrayal.

  9. Well things are finally looking up, after a mini-exodus and the vitolo fiasco we have targets and are actually pulling hard for them, but I’m not sure the right positions are being prepared for, even if we sign all the players we want a proper defensive midfielder is still a must. We missed out on Mesa and Camacho so I’m pretty much at a loss for thinking up any more names, a krycho-type would be extremely valuable as a midfield enforcer and someone to win aerial battles, too bad the polish team isn’t too talented or krycho would be clamoring for the exit to ensure he gets picked and is named the captain for the NT.

    I’m more than happy for navas and arana to come to us, just not too sure on kjaer, he’s played in the top leagues but hasn’t really shined, Christensen would be a better pick as he’s young, has 2 years of bundesliga experience and can cover the left back position too.

  10. Still need at least 5 players to complete the squad. The squad numers have been released now, and stands at 20 and Montoya linked to Fenerbaçe deal could be 6 or 7 more signings if anyone else leaves.

    Nice to see Banega with the 10 shirt.

    1. Maybe some can be promoted like the third striker. I doubt the management is brave enough to make more than 3 signings from now on… while it could definitely impact our season for the better if done so.

      3 are a MUST, CB, LB and RW while the third striker and DM are optional, though the DM more urgent I’d say at this point.

  11. News. Navas, his father and Bahia agent Margarita Garay arrive at the Sanchez Pizjuan and Navas leaves without signing, still some negotiating to be done. Navas, sheepish with the press pack and no comment.

    Muriel and Ganso don’t travel to london, problems with visas. Could be resolved in 48 hours but will miss 1st game Leipzeig.

    Vazquez injured, out for 2 weeks.

    Legal advisors for Sevilla say Vitolo’s new contract was in vigour and valid, Atletico and Las Palmas don’t have a leg to stand on. Might mean that Sevilla get the full 50m clausula eventually. Might be causing problems with the Navas deal (same agency, Bahia).

    1. Bloody hell…. UK is quite bureaucratic on this. I mean come on…. Visa issues for players like Muriel and Ganso? It’s not the first qualifying round of EL teams with amateur players that work part time and train part time… pfff!

      Hopefully this Navas saga will end in peace and we finally sign him.

    2. Also what the hell are our logistics staff thinking? Why have they not prepared the documents and everything in time… pretty sure we knew about the Emirates Cup way back in May or so…. now we might risk not having Muriel and Ganso, especially more importantly Muriel, due to some negligence.

  12. Mjght be the Brazillian end that causes the problem, they have some strange and antiquated regulations, i know a lot of exporters send goods via Paraguay and they end up delivered quicker.

  13. Ganso has been here a year, so it’s no excuse, he’s travelled in Europe for Champions and was in Japan. Muriel is recently arrived so I can understand a delay. Must be Brexit 😉 to blame.

  14. Ok so now Muriel and Ganso officially out of the list for the Emirates Cup. What’s even worse though, they might risk not being able to play in the 2 other friendlies, vs. Southampton and Everton for the same Visas reason.


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    Guys, I’m thinking about implementing a forum into the page. What I’m thinking of is that when we make a post, there would be a link to discuss the topic in the forum area. Members would be able to start their own threads so we can keep things more on the point of the heading. There could be a Liga section, and a all league section so we could talk about how shitty DC United is or whatever. So the only thing that would be changing is where you comment on things. What are your thoughts?

    1. I have been very active and am to an extent to different forums and I find the idea very viable.

      A forum is the best for discussions, as the blog is more of a news-portal kind of thing. The blog has its own place though, but the forum will allow us to discuss widely about a broader range of topics and every topic will have its own place, whereas here we are forced to talk about the friendly matches in the Transfer thread… or about Vitolo’s fiasco in the 2017-18 kits thread… a bit misleading.

  16. A forum where members can start their own threads, upload photos etc would be a great improvement.