2015 Champions League Draw

Carles Puyol emerged from behind the glossy UEFA backdrop looking wholly like he’d arrived in his football kit and was made to put on a suit instead. His mop unkempt as ever, he stood there next to a man famous for football and a woman famous for not football. He was up to draw pot 3.

“Sure! Pot 3 is fine as long as we’re at the table!” is what I said last year, and Sevilla fans just happy to be in CL again yesterday might feel a little differently about it today. We’ve landed in a doozy of a group D featuring Juventus, Manchester City, and Borussia Mönchengladbach. That’s The Old Lady, The New Oil, and The Cönsonants together in one group! Sevilla season ticket holders will get their money’s worth from the higher priced seats this year. It also guarantees the return of Llorente to Juve, Navas to Nervión, and Sevilla to Turín.

Krycho quickly tweeted, “Me gusta” after our draw. Me gusta that he tweeted that.

The importance of the calendar cannot be overstated. Sevilla has a chance to start well against visiting BM and ride a wave of confidence into a familiar Turín stadium. We also close out the round of play at home against Juve, a match that could be of colossal importance. The first match is on Tuesday, September 15, which is crazy close to now. Time to get some healthy CBs!

Predictions! Make your best one in the following format: TEAM-TEAM (points won)

SEV-BM (3), JUV-SEV (0), MAN-SEV (1), SEV-MAN (1), BM-SEV (3), SEV-JUV (1)

Will 9 points be enough? It was in about half of the groups last year!

How far will Sevilla go?

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