2014-15 Predictions!

Last year before the season, we all took a turn at guessing how the season would turn out. Some people were pretty good, some were pretty great (spoiler alert: Rene was best). As we kill the last few days of summer before Sevilla’s triumphant (spoiler alert: possibly not all that triumphant) return to the field on Saturday, let’s all weigh in with this year’s predictions. I’ll have a preview up for the match Saturday morning, so you’ve only got a few days to weigh in. And you don’t want to miss out on this contest–just ask Rene about the amazing prize for the winner (spoil…eh, you probably already guessed: there is no gift).

  1. Sevilla’s final position in the table (and point total)
  2. La Liga top 4 and bottom 3
  3. Champs League winner.
  4. Europa League winner.
  5. Copa del Rey winner.
  6. La Liga goal scoring leader (and number)
  7. Sevilla top 3 goal scoring leaders (and number)
  8. Sevilla’s surprising break through player.
  9. Number of players Luis Suárez bites

Alright, let’s hear what you’ve got!