2010-11 Season Announced

So the big news of the day is the release of this year’s schedule (which, by the way, starts Aug 28! Just over a month away!). Marca’s schedule has the best layout I’ve seen here.

Briefly looking at the schedule, our first 5 weeks look pretty good (although Depor in week 2 will be a tough test), and I think we can reasonably hope to come out with max points. Of course that depends on our form as we start the season, and our ability to actually win games we should win. After that, Atletico in week 6 will probably be billed as our first serious matchup of the season, and then week 9 sees us head to Camp Nou.

All in all, a pretty favorable start to the season for us, and one we’ll hopefully be looking back on in May with gratitude for all the points we picked up. What matchups (Sevilla or otherwise) are you all looking forward to?